the birth story

So here it goes, our little one's birth story. It's crazy to think this happened already two weeks ago. It seems like a distant memory but also like we just left the hospital.

While everything was going on, I took notes in my phone because I didn't want to forget anything. And it happens because I already started to forget the small details. 

On September 25th, my husband and I made our way to the hospital to make it to our scheduled induction (is that the correct word to use? It sounds so weird!). The induction was scheduled because of my high blood pressure.

We got admitted into our room a little after 8 a.m. Our awesome labor and delivery nurse came and took us to our room and began getting things set up. She got the IV started and drew some blood. She then got the monitors for the contractions and the baby around my stomach ready as well. 

While all this was going on my doctor came in. She is such a happy and upbeat person it's hard to get nervous or anxious! She checked my cervix and then broke my water. I was very happy about this decision because I wanted to try breaking my water before they put me on Pitocin to get my labor started. It's such a strange feeling when you water breaks... It did not enjoy that feeling. 

With all that stuff going on around me so fast and the weird sensation of my water breaking, I started getting really nauseated and felt like I was going to pass out. They sat me up and stopped doing anything and that calmed me down. I think I was just overwhelmed from all the nervousness.

After all that we were left alone for a bit. We had forgotten to remind the nurse about our cord blood banking kit so ended up having to draw blood again for that. Then we were left alone again.

Around 10 a.m., our nurse came back in and hooked me up to the Pitocin because breaking my water just didn't do the trick. Immediately I began feeling the contractions come on much stronger, before that I just felt a little tightening but not much pain. 

Around this time my parents arrived. I was glad to see them! During the contractions, my husband would hold my hand and remind me to breath. After each contractions he would always tell me how great I was doing and how proud of me he was. I really needed that encouragement. 

I was trying to last as long as I could through the contractions but they were so close together and so strong I couldn't take it much longer. They called in the anesthesiologist. In the mean time my cervix was checked again and I was between a 4 and 5. A lot of improvement in such a quick time period. 

Next, the anesthesiologist came in and the room was cleared. It wouldn't have been too bad besides the fact that I was having contractions through it all and you can't move... and I didn't have my husband in there to comfort me. But it was over quickly, by 11:15 a.m. I had the line in. By 11:30 a.m. the medicine was kicking in and I couldn't really feel my contractions. 

Around this same time, the nurse stopped my Pitocin and gave me an oxygen mask. Our little boy wasn't responding the way they would've liked to the Pitocin so they wanted to give him a break and see if the oxygen would help him. His heart rate was dropping after each contraction.

A little while later they put me back on Pitocin and put in my catheter. I was dilated to a 6 at this point. Then the began moving me around in the bed. I would start on one side and then a little later I would switch to the other. This was to help his heart rate during and after the contractions. They wanted to see how he would handle the Pitocin again but it didn't look promising. He still wasn't liking labor, so they took me off Pitocin again.

Around 1 p.m. my doctor came in to discuss doing a cesarean delivery. I was only dilated to a 6 and that was only because of the Pitocin. But putting me back on it could be bad for the baby. She said if we waited we might get into a difficult situation and then would end up having a cesarean anyways. He was fine at the moment but she just wanted to be sure. 

We decided that was best for our little guy! So from 1:15 to 1:30ish they began prepping me in the room. After that, they began wheeling me to the OR and I was able to see my mom before I went in. My mom and dad had gone to eat lunch but my husband had to call them and tell them to come back to see me before the surgery. They were pushing it on time so my dad dropped my mom off so she was able to see me but my dad wasn't :(

By 1:35 they wheeled me to the OR and then my husband had to get his scrubs on while they finished prepping me. It seemed like forever that I had to wait for him to get in the room with me. During that time I started feeling sick again, like I might pass out. I told the anesthesiologist this and he turned my on my side. Then they were also able to bring in my husband. That combination made me feel much better. Again I think I was just overwhelmed. 

Once my husband came in and got settled in a chair by my head, they got started. I was very drowsy and he kept telling me to keep my eyes open. He told me later he was just worried about me and how the medicine was affecting me and wanted to keep me awake. 

During the very quick (no more than 10 minutes, probably less) surgery, I could feel movement of them pulling and pushing and such but I could feel no pain. 

I could feel our baby being lifted out, like all of a sudden a weight was gone. I was so excited to finally meet him! But he didn't cry right away. They took him to the baby bed and put an oxygen mask on him. My husband and I were so nervous, I started crying so hard that when the anesthesiologist tried to get my mind off it by asking what his name was, I could barely get it out. My husband stood by the baby bed and just watched. (He told me just recently that he was blue and they kept rubbing him on the chest. I am glad he waited to tell me this because I wouldn't have handled it well then.) After what felt like an eternity but was more like 5 seconds, he finally cried! And then I cried even more because he was okay! My doctor said it happens sometimes, babies just get stunned but it's nothing to worry about because they have a "reserve" of oxygen. I was still worried all week about him not breathing for that short amount time. It is not something you would expect when you first deliver your child.

I was so happy our baby was finally here! They weighed and measured him, then handed him off to his daddy! My husband then brought him over to me so I could see him. He was perfect! He was born at 1:51 p.m., 7 lb. 3 oz. and 20 inches. He had already started to make his way into the birth canal so he had a bit of a cone head. Apparently he was ready to go but my pelvic bones weren't spreading fast enough. That could have been one of the reasons he wasn't handling the labor very well.

The anesthesiologist took a few pictures for us as a family and then my husband and our baby headed back to our room with the nurses while my doctor finished up with me. While back in the room, my parents and brother and sister-in-law were able to see him! And they got some footprints documented for us. 

My husband said it was very nerve racking waiting on me to come back. He couldn't stop worrying about me. But after about 10 minutes they finally wheeled me back. All this only took a small amount of time but to us it seemed like an eternity. It was a stressful and scary time for us. 

Once I arrived back, they cleared the room and I was finally able to hold our baby! We were able to have over an hour of skin to skin time with him and also started the breastfeeding adventure.

I was so happy to finally have my baby in my arms nothing else mattered. Our little family of three was finally complete!!! 

So there you have it, the birth story! It was a rough day but I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

I am going to do a small post about the rest of our hospital stay because I still feel like I'm leaving so much out. Look for that soon!!

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J and A said...

Beautiful! Such an amazing story. Good work mama!! He is just beautiful.

Isabel Gomez said...

OH my goodness! I was tearing up while reading! Reminded me of my Matthew's birth story! Lots of similarities.

The most important thing that both of you came out of it healthy and your little family is home!

So happy for you friend! I know you will be a great mother, and hang in there, I had difficulty producing after 3 months, but my pediatrician assured me Matthew had received plenty of benefit from the months I was able to.

I completely understand the emotional roller coaster, but hey you just had SOOO MUCH happen and change in such a short amount of time!

Miss you at work, but enjoy all the time you can with that precious little treasure!



Lyndsey said...

Birth stories always make me teary! I'm so sorry it was scary for y'all, but happy you have a healthy baby boy at the end of it all! He is just precious!

Wifessionals said...

What a great story! I had no idea you had a csection! I still think it is so cool that we had our little ones on the same day. I'm waiting for our birth pictures so I can write rilynn's story!