Our hospital stay

I recently told Seth's birth story but I didn't want to leave out how our hospital stay was. I figured I would do an entirely separate post about our stay over the next three nights. 

After Seth was born and we spent some time with him alone, a lactation consultant came in and we have breastfeeding a try. Breastfeeding was hard for me. I threw up during the first few feedings. My guess is because of the drugs from the surgery. Anyone else experience this? After those first three feedings things got a lot better. 

The first day was rough. Coming off the medicine, worrying about Seth, all the commotion... It was a long day. That day Seth had tons of family come by a visit. He also got to spend lots of time with his mommy and daddy. Paul really took on the fatherly role immediately and he was great at being a father. Since I couldn't get out of bed, he changed the diapers and rocked him to sleep when he was fussy.
my mom and her first grandbaby!

some of my family

me with my parents

We loved our nurses, they were very informative, patient, and kind. Paul kept joking that he wanted them to come home with us!

At night we would let Seth go to the nursery so we could try and get some rest. The first night Paul didn't sleep much even with Seth not being in the room. He was worried about me especially right after having major surgery. 

The second day was better... I got my catheter out and was able to walk to the bathroom for the first time. I had my IV in until noon that day but I still was able to get up if I need. We took turns trying to sleep since sleep was rare the first night. We had a lot of visitors and hospital staff coming in and out so it was a busy day. At around one I was able to take a shower and get in my own clothes (I wore the hospital gown for the birth). Also around this time, they took Seth for his circumsion. We worried about him the entire time but It was over quickly. 

We had many visitors again the second day. He also had his hearing test done and passed! 
Emily and Seth

Paul's mom and Seth

We let him go to the nursery again that night and I think both got a much better rest because we were less worried.

The third day was about the same. My doctor came in and gave us the green light to go home. So we thought we would be discharged that afternoon. We had the nurse help us bath him and get him ready to go home. We had all our bags packed and ready... Then the pediatrician came in (our hospitals has what they call hospitalists, pediatricians who only work for the hospital) and said she was worried about his weight loss. She wanted him to stay one more night to see how his weight loss went. That was definitely heartbreaking. We had thought we were going home but then we weren't and our baby was losing too much weight :(

This night we decided to send him to the nursery for one stretch between feedings (they would bring him back when it was time to feed) then have him stay in our room the remainder of the night. We wanted to get used to sleeping with him, to see if we would stare at him all night to make sure he was okay.

The next day we started getting packed up and waited around for the pediatrician to come in and discharge us. We finally got to go home! We were so happy except it was raining :(
our little family of three all ready to head home!

on the ride home!

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