40 weeks

Excuse the messy hair and my comfy outfit... There is only so much a new mom can do!

How far along: would be 40 weeks

Baby size: a jackfruit... What in the world is that?
His actual measurements at birth: 7 lb. 3 oz., 20 inches

Gender: BOY! Seth Randall

Maternity clothes: now I am wearing a lot of nursing friendly outfits. 

Sleep: it's much different than before. I wake every two to three hours for a feeding. But it's worth because I get to bond with my little boy!

Movement: he is a fighter! When awake he is moving all over the place... Very strong boy!

Food cravings: always hungry these days but no cravings. We are quite stocked in the fridge thanks to many wonderful family and friends so that's what we have been having. 

Food aversions: again nothing in particular, have many options in the fridge. 

What I miss: nothing... Our little boy is here!

Looking forward to: seeing our little boy grow up!

Best Moment:  having our little boy on the 25th... Birth story to come!

Pregnancy Symptoms: none! 

Stretch Marks/Belly Button: didn't get any stretch marks and my belly button remained an innie!

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Hope you're doing well with your new bundle of Joy! I know the first few weeks can be crazy!