3 weeks old

3 weeks - 10/9/13 - 10/16/13
sorry didn't have a chance to snap his three week picture

Weight and height: no change, next appointment in two weeks, but we think he is getting closer to 8 pounds!

Nicknames: little guy, buddy, monkey, little bit, billy goat

Growth: This boy seems to be growing everyday. I'm pretty sure he has completed his first growth spurt. He is getting a little pot belly and he is definitely growing in length. We think he is going to be a long baby instead of a chubby one. He is definitely filling out!

Eating: Towards the end of this past week we took out the formula in the routine to see if that was what was making him fussy at nights. He seems to be much better. Paul will sometimes feed him some of the pumped milk while I pump during that feeding. I like giving him breastmilk much better than doing formula supplements. 

He had about 3 or 4 really fussy nights in a row and it was really getting to us. After some research we concluded he wasn't getting full feedings during the day. Also, he needed to have more wake time during the day. We tried this and he had an a great night! It is definitely hard work to keep him awake but so worth it to get that full feeding. 

Sleep: We are still learning how to get him to go to sleep at night. We have a few good nights then we will have a few nights where we can't get to bed until after midnight. We try to go to bed/nap around 8 pm every night. Once Seth goes to sleep he is a really good sleeper though. We have been working on different swaddles or sleepers to see what worked best.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights have been the worse. Sometimes Seth will be awake the entire time between feedings. He must be so tired just like his mommy and daddy. Monday night we went to bed around 9:30ish and once I put him down he was awake and would cry off and on. By the time it was time for the next feeding, he'd be crying the worst cry I ever heard. It makes me so sad to hear that cry. Then after that feeding he still wouldn't sleep and would cry off and on. We don't know what to do. He did pretty much the same thing Tuesday. Any tips?

Soon I'm going to start working on putting him on a schedule and making sure he is going at least three hours between feedings. He has gotten in the habit of going only two hours and then he will get fussy. It's rough when sometimes his feedings last close to an hour :(

Visitors: Haven't had as many this past week but still got to meet some people. We also have had a few outings to get out and to see some family. We have still had people bring over food and that helps out greatly! 

Diapers/clothing: Still in newborn sizes but because of his length we are probably going to transition to 0-3 month clothing soon. Pampers are still our preferred diaper and we picked up some pampers sensitive wipes which seem to work better with him. 

Mommy: I had my follow up post partum appointment Monday and everything is going well and healing nicely. I'm still experiencing some pain but nothing too bad. She released me to drive but she stills wants me to stay away from lifting really heavy things. I am also down almost 30 pounds now!

Clothes are still a chore to put on, but I'm okay with wearing the same clothes over and over. There just aren't many nursing friendly options that don't hit at my incision. I did get this things from diapers.com called C-Panty which should make things more comfortable. (Oh they did!)

Daddy: Paul is being a great daddy! Sleep deprivation is definitely getting to him. Paul is back at work so it's hard for him to get any naps in, like I can, throughout the day. Hopefully soon Seth will have a night where he sleeps between feedings so we can both get a little rest. Paul is still being so helpful throughout the night and he is really good with Seth when Seth is alert.

Loves: his playmat, cuddles on the couch, car rides

Hates: diaper changes, clothing changes, being cold in general, being in the car seat

Memories: Seth got his first real bath! No more sponge baths for this little guy. But sorry no pics, too busy trying to not get peed on. 

Our first family trip to Target!

Paul and I had dinner just the two of us while my parents watched Seth. It was a quick dinner but it was good to get out of the house... We were going a little stir crazy. 

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Courtney Kassner said...

I know how you feel with the being awake in between feedings. Crew has been doing the same things some nights. It's exhausting! Seth is precious! Hope you are getting some rest!