2 weeks old!

Can't believe we have already made it to two weeks! Time flies with a newborn! I still feel like I should be in the hospital. 

2 weeks - 10/2/13 to 10/9/13

Weight: 6 lb. 15 oz. 

Height: 20.25 inches

Nicknames: little guy, buddy, monkey, little bit

Growth: His cord finally fell off on Monday night! But he has a granuloma that needs to heal. Also, his circumsion is completely healed and looking great. 

I'm not worried about low milk supply because he gained 8 ounces since his last appointment and grew an inch! I would say he is really growing!!

Eating: Breastfeeding started off with a new plan this week. I always envisioned myself exclusively breastfeeding for the first few months but when you are a new mom worrying about their baby's weight it just sometimes isn't the best. I am not sure if I'm producing enough for him so Paul and I decided we are going to supplement at least one feeding a day with formula and during that feeding I'll pump instead. The main reason is to make sure he is getting the amount he needs and to measure how much I'm producing. I am also going to start try pumping at least 4 times a day after feedings to up my supply if I can.

This plan seems to be working! See above statement about his growth!

Sleep: Starting Friday of this week, Seth slept really well at night. I had to start setting alarms to make sure he got his feedings at 3 hours. Sometimes I would fall back asleep but he was still fine with a four stretch at night. He also has been having longer periods of alertness during the day which we love... Love his eyes!

But then during the week, we have been having problems getting him to go to sleep. People say all babies have a fussy time... Seth's must be whenever momma and daddy need sleep :(

Visitors: Still meeting lots of people! Everyone is so sweet to come visit. We are trying to limit his visitors per day as much as we can because sometimes too many visitors overlap and he gets overstimulated and momma and daddy can't get a nap in. That has been going much better! We are so grateful for all who stop by and also to those who bring food... I couldn't imagine cooking right now!

Diapers/clothing: Seth is getting over some diaper rash from using some diapers that stuck to his rear :( Now we just use Pampers. We started with Bourdroux's Butt Paste but then switched to A&D. We also started using a warm wet wash cloth instead of wipes and that seems to be helping and causing him not to scream during changes. 

Still in newborn size clothing and wearing lots of Carter's. He usually wears a sleeper during the day then a onesie and a swaddle at night. We have yet to dress him in an outfit but hopefully we will try soon.

Mommy: Feeling much better and moving around a lot better. Still a little emotional from all the hormones but I'm able to control the tears. No one tells you how difficult the adjustment can be, but Kaitlynn took the words out of my mouth when she wrote this

Paul and I took a quick break to grab some things at Target while my mom watched Seth. It was a fun outing but we missed our little guy. That was the first time I was away from him since we got back from the hospital. 

Jumped on the scale and now I am down 28 pounds. Not a huge jump from last week but I'm still dropping which makes me happy!

Daddy: Paul is the best daddy ever! He has been back at work since Wednesday the 2nd. But even with being at work, when I have to get up for middle of the night feedings, he comes to the nursery with us. While I'm feeding he sleeps on the floor and then when it's time for diaper changes, he is all hands on deck. He said he wants to be with us... He is protective of his little family. I am so grateful for such a loving and helpful husband.

Paul also had to have a tooth pulled and even after all the pain and medication, he was still so helpful. I was so nervous about all the medication he was on because he was basically put under and that worried me. 

We also started making sure we are praying before every meal as a family. We hold hands and one of us holds Seth and we pray. I'm glad we are starting Seth off from the beginning with a Godly foundation. 

Loves: his swing, having his hands by his face, when daddy plays guitar

Hates: diaper changes

Memories: We went on our first family walk... To the end of the block and back. Next we will go little further, just want to take it slow.

Seth watched his first Baylor game! Sic 'em!

We had newborn pictures taken. I tried to take my own but they just weren't working out so we hired someone. Can't wait to show them off!! 

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Meg {henninglove} said...

oh my gosh he is tiny! i love those striped mittens he has on, congrats on your son!

J and A said...

Looks like he is dong great!! Such a cutie!! Good wor kmama!