1 week old!

Seth is now almost two weeks old! Time really flies by! I want to do a weekly post until he is a month and then monthly posts. I was busy getting adjusted to motherhood so I never got the 1 week post complete so the week one and two posts might be really close together. I would've combined them but once I started typing them it would have been way too long a post. The birth story to come soon!

1 week- 9/25/13 to 10/2/13

Weight: 6 lb. 7 oz.
I will always use the measurements from the most recent doctor's appointment 

Height: 19.25 inches

Nicknames: little guy, buddy

Growth: Seth had his first doctors appointment on Monday of our first week back. We love our pediatrician and his whole office staff. Seth is doing well but we are still watching his weight to make sure he is growing at a good pace. When he left the hospital he was down 11% of his birth weight so they sent us home with formula supplements.

Eating: On Wednesday we met with a lactation consultant to see if the feedings were going well and she gave me lots of tips and pointers to help with latching and producing more supply. Seth was still a little behind but I think we have a new game plan to help that. He eats every 2 and a half to three hours. We've given him some formula to supplement and it seems to help.

daddy likes to be a part of feeding too

on the way to our lactation consultant meeting

Sleep: Seth sleeps in a rock 'n play next to our bed. He is a pretty good sleeper so far but also has good periods of alertness! 

Once we got home my mom stayed with us the first two nights while we adjusted. And then Paul went back to work Wednesday so she stayed Tuesday night to make sure Paul was able to get rest. We are doing well adjusting but the quick little naps between feedings at night are beginning to wear on us. I have realized I really need to take it easy throughout the day and sleep when he sleeps. 

Visitors: At the hospital, we had lots of family visitors and a few friends stopped by as well. While at home, we have had many visitors to meet Seth and many of them have brought food which is great because then we don't have to worry about making meals. I've learned that while breastfeeding you really need to be eating every two or three hours like the baby. It's hard to make sure I'm eating and drinking enough to keep my body going but I'm trying. Sometimes I'll get headaches but I think that has to do with dehydration and lack of sleep. 

Diapers/clothing: He is in size newborn diapers and we are sticking with Pampers. We started with those in the hospital and then tried Huggies once we got home but they didn't fit him right and he peed all other me twice! The we tried the Target Up&Up brand and they fit him better but started sticking to his poor little booty and gave him a bad case of diaper rash :(

He is also in newborn clothing although some brands are still a little big on him in that size. Carter's brand fits him the best!

Mommy: I never thought I could love some one as much as I love my little boy and I never thought my love for my husband could get any stronger than it was. These two have made me a very proud wife and momma. I have loved watching my little one grow and I have loved seeing my husband become the most amazing father to Seth. Although motherhood is hard and the first week was tough, these two boys make my heart so full! I feel so blessed and I thank God every day for giving me such a great family. Watching my husband become a father is the most amazing thing! I don't have words for how it makes me feel.

I weighed myself on day 10 (I was waiting for the swelling/water retention to go down) and I had lost a total of 25 pounds. Since I still don't know what my starting weight was I'm not sure how much left I have to lose to get to pre-baby weight but I'll decide what number I'll use soon haha! I know I still have a bit to go to my goal weight but I'm giving myself until our third wedding anniversary (10/29/14) to get there! 

I have been an emotional wreck some days due to my love for this little man and exhuastion. Sometimes I look at him and just can't help but tear up because he is so darn cute and he is mine! Sometimes when I think back to his birth I cry too... It was a rough day for us emotionally (you'll see why soon). But overall I'm feeling pretty good! I'm healing well too and starting to get around better too. 

Daddy: Paul is an amazing dad! He loves Seth so much and being a father came so naturally with him. He has been so so so helpful to both me and Seth and he went back to work the Wednesday Seth turned a week old :(

He does a lot with Seth and we have been pretty balanced in taking care of him. Paul's first priority is making sure Seth and I are both happy and healthy and he is doing a great job!!!

Loves: being swaddled, having his hair washed
all swaddled up

Hates: diaper changes

Memories: Seth had his first sponge bath at home... We definitely still need some practice.

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Congratulations! He's so cute!