that time of my life where I go to a lot of showers

It seems like everyone I know is getting married or having a baby. This means in the year of 2013 I will have gone to over 11 showers (some of those were my baby showers though) and 6 weddings. Whoa!
Not that I don't love going to all of those but I never thought that possible!

My cousin Amy is getting married later this Fall. My mom and aunt hosted her a bridal shower a few weekends ago. It turned out beautiful. I also am normally the photographer for family showers as well as my mom's friends showers. I love doing it and I love that I can post about the showers here too!

my mom and her friends host so many showers they have a lot of decorations they use and reuse which I think is great because they always come up with a new way to use them!

the bride (in the middle) with her MIL and mother

Amy's mom and grandmother

doing a little zumba!

she was really excited about this one!

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Emily Powell said...

for reals. you are a shower pro!