Pregnancy. It is such a strange thing. I am still not quite sure how I feel about it. On one hand, I am soooooo excited to be carrying my child knowing that I am his lifeline (of course with God's help). On the other, it is miserable sometimes.

I don't mean to sound negative but I am sure some of you have felt this way. Some days walking can be a chore and if I get on the ground to get some things done... I might not get back up again for a while and if I do, it is not an attractive task.

I remember at the beginning I couldn't wait for a belly bump to start appearing but then once it started getting bigger, I felt like the rest of me was getting bigger too. I heard when you are having a boy most of the time you carry in your hips, thighs, and butt. Too bad I already started with that as my biggest area :( Maternity clothes shopping at the beginning was probably one of the worst experiences I ever had... I came home and cried.

Don't get me wrong, I probably should've eaten much better during this time but I am okay with it. I am giving myself until Paul and I's 3rd wedding anniversary to lose the baby weight plus around some extra pounds to get back to what I was when we got married.

The big belly, the back pain, the heartburn, the uncomfortable sleep (I am writing this at 5 a.m. because I couldn't sleep due to too many things on my mind and being uncomfortable), and the lovely comments from strangers making you feel like you should deliver any day now even though you still have 7 weeks left, are all worth it knowing I am about to have my first child and God is taking his time to prepare him for this world. 

Knowing everything is in God's hands and he is the one making this happen makes me smile :) Every time I feel Seth kick I think of seeing him move around for the first time after his birth and that God is strengthening him for the outside world. I pray everyday that Seth makes it into this world healthy and safely.

"For this child I prayed..." 1 Samuel 1:27

It really is a miracle, birth. Without God it would be no way possible. I could not do it on my own. Thinking about the pregnancy and birth amazes me. Imagine all that goes into to making a baby in the womb and each of those babies are unique... I can't help but smile knowing God is in control and knows exactly what he is doing.

Yes, I am afraid of the actual labor part but I am not worried. I have a sense of calm when I think of that time. First, because God is in control and second, because I will have my husband by my side to comfort me. 

I can't wait to see baby Seth's face for the first time... it will be a unforgettable moment!

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Karli said...

I would say that carrying a boy in the thighs, hips & butt was 100% true for me. I have so many stretch marks on my bum & thighs & not one on my tummy! I also hated being pregnant! Was so thankful to be expecting but hated the whole pregnancy.

Emily Powell said...

You will be fine! Just keep your calm and peace...don't let others get to you. They're idiots!