decorating the nursery: some updates and a few additions

So things are moving along in the nursery... still a lot to do but I have really enjoyed getting more things done and feel accomplished. I have expanded my list a little to be a little more specific but have left the other things on there to reference back to.

I finally got all of Paul's clothes out of there! And we bought a six shelf or cubby organizer, I registered for the bins so I can organize blankets, sheets, burp cloths, bibs, etc.

Re-finish the table lamps
Have decided based on space that we are going to use that lamp in another area of the house and get a floor lamp to go by the window instead. I want to be able to have some sort of light for reading to him at night.

Order glider 
We ordered and received it! I love it and it fits perfectly by the window. And we rearranged the crib and dresser from the earlier post. This layout works better with the room dimensions.

Begin to organize baby Seth's clothes
Organize the room, closet, and dresser
I have begun this task but I feel like I have a long way to go... Diaper drawer has dividers and the closet is getting closer to getting there but it is hard since I have one more shower left and don't know what else I will be getting.
diaper drawer

closet dividers my mom got me

getting his clothes folded and separated by size... now I just need cheap and simple drawer organizer. I would buy the ones I got for the diaper drawer but buying as many as I need would get expensive. 
Any ideas where to buy some cheap, simple drawer organizer bins??

Start decorating room
We finally began hanging things on the walls and rearranging things to where we want them to be.
Here are some pictures of the progress so far.

this side is a little messy... still trying to figure out how to hang that ship helm securely

New list items:
curtain rod and curtains
white wash shelves
hang floating shelves
organize bathroom
organize kitchen stuff for baby
under the crib storage for extra diapers and wipes

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Emily Powell said...

WOW, that looks great! Love the layout you worked out!

Emily Powell said...

oh, and did you take the bumper out? I'm thinking about skipping for the next one. They are just so much trouble.