33 weeks

How far along: 33 weeks

Baby size: a durian fruit... what in the heck is that!

4.2 to 5.8 pounds and 17.2 to 18.7 inches long

Gender: BOY! Seth Randall

Weight Gain: about 29 pounds

Maternity clothes: Same as I have been, most maternity and maxi dresses.

Sleep: Still pretty bad but exhaustion is kicking in which helps. I did have one night of insomnia and was up about 3:30 a.m. I did update some blog posts and made a list of what to pack for the hospital. Next time I have this, I am going to work on the clothes organization in the nursery!

Movement: He is a very active baby! We watch my belly quite often to see him move. Also, every once in awhile we can feel a bulge on my right side (who knows if its a knee, foot, elbow, or what!) and can push it back and then he puts it right back where it was haha! And funny story, last night Paul laid his head down on my belly and Seth kicked/punched him in the head!!

Food cravings: nothing in particular... maybe just hamburgers and milkshakes, like always!

Food aversions: just staying away from plain grilled chicken, don't mind it on a sandwich or in a salad though

What I miss: sleeping, energy, and being cool.

Looking forward to: My family shower this weekend and my second session on maternity pictures with Emily. Hopefully I will get a post of soon of the first session! Also we are making more progress on the nursery and I can't wait to have it organized and decorated.

Best Moment: The shower with my bestie and spending time with her. She lives in Austin and since we getting to the point of not being able to travel, I won't see her again or get to meet her precious little baby girl once she arrives. Hopefully after Seth comes we can do a couple trips to see each other while on maternity leave.

Pregnancy Symptoms: exhaustion, a little cramping, and definite restriction in movement haha!

Stretch Marks/Belly Button: no stretch marks on my belly and the belly button is still in!

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Emily Powell said...

I miss all the fetal movement! so fun!