32 weeks

How far along: 32 weeks and two days
kept forgetting to take a picture on my weekly day (which is Tuesday)

Baby size: a squash

2.5 to 3.8 pounds and 15.2 to 16.7 inches

Gender: BOY! Seth Randall

Weight Gain: Around 27 pounds

Maternity clothes: Same as I have been, most maternity and maxi dresses.

Sleep: Still pretty bad but exhaustion is kicking in which helps, but if I am uncomfortable it takes about 5 minutes just to get readjusted then probably another 10 to get back to sleep... not too bad but could be a lot better.

Movement: He is a very active baby! I thought he had been in the same area for a while now but I am feeling him everywhere these days so who knows where is now. I guess we will find out at our next appointment.

Food cravings: nothing in particular

Food aversions: just staying away from plain grilled chicken

What I miss: sleeping, energy, and being cool.

Looking forward to: Our shower with my bestie this weekend!! And getting more of the nursery complete!

Best Moment: We finished up our 4-week childbirth class (don't worry it was just one night a week). It was interesting and taught us a lot.

Pregnancy Symptoms: hot, tired, and uncomfortable... still

Stretch Marks/Belly Button: no stretch marks on my belly and the belly button is still in!

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Wifessionals said...

Can you believe that we are getting so close? I mean, it's like 50 something days away (or less)! (: