summer update

We have made a lot of progress with our to-do list for our home this summer. I added a few things to this list but here is the original post to see where we started.

hang crosses on the dining room wall
clean off the grease on garage door from being worked on
trim the hedges
round up the driveway
fill holes where old flag pole thing used to be
organize the garage
Forgot to get a before picture but this is once all the stuff was out of the garage.


All this stuff on this side in the middle (not the stuff near the walls) is stuff we are getting ready or selling. Our goal is to fit both cars in the garage.

fix the lawnmower
finish the dog kennel
re-arrange the dresser and the book shelf into different rooms
start cleaning things out to sell
sell things on Ebay: not doing this EVER again
organize all closets: always a work in progress but completed for now
hang mirror in dining room
before: my dad and Paul started by getting the measurements


touch up paint around the house
patch holes in the bathroom
trim tree


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Heather said...

Looks great!! I'm curious- why aren't you selling on ebay again?

Megan Reinbold said...

Yeah, selling things on ebay? I'll never do it again either!