summer crafting

Summer time is usually my time to craft and relax... of course this summer is a busy one with preparing for baby and all but I made some time to do a little crafting. 

One craft that I found really easy and quick was using old frames, leftover fabric, and some spray paint to make trays (or pieces of of art... whichever you would like). I made these two first and have no use for them because they don't go with my color scheme, I just wanted to make them because I had leftover frames and fabric, soooooo they are pretty much up for grabs.

Then I made this one and used it to revamp our coffee table. We have navy and yellow pillows on our couch so this spray paint and fabric went perfectly!

I also sprayed a table lamp, which I talked about in a nursery update.

Then I also made hostess gifts for my shower we had this past Saturday. I think this was the most time consuming just because I had to soak the bottles and scrap the labels off. Then all I had to do was spray paint the bottles, add some cute ribbon, write on them, and pop in some flowers!

So that is the start of some crafting, I am also planning on making a date night jar sometime soon, might be something I work on while the baby is sleeping!

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Emily Powell said...

do you still have these frames???