my maternity style

*I would like to preface this post with this: I am not a fashion blogger and I never will be... I wanted to show some pregnant or mommas to be where you can get some really cute things to show off your bump. Not being a fashion blogger, I took these with my cell phone and most of them do not include my face :)

First off...

Since my bump has finally grown to the size it is, it is much easier and fun to dress myself. I didn't think I would buy a lot of maternity clothes but I have ended up with much more than I thought... which is a good thing. I am ended up relying on maxis and maxi skirts because they fit my legs and butt the best. But the good thing about is that I can buy or use maxis that aren't maternity so I can still wear them later.

Most of these photos are from my trip to Arizona so they were taken in my hotel room.

tank: Old Navy Maternity
skirt: Gap Maternity

Changed into this top later in the evening:
top: Motherhood Maternity

top: Old Navy
shorts: Motherhood Maternity

maxi: Ann Taylor Loft

maxi: Jessica Simpson maternity

top: Old Navy Maternity
tank and pants: Motherhood Maternity

Not Arizona:
top and maxi skirt: Motherhood Maternity

top: Motherhood Maternity
maxi skirt: Gap Maternity

cardigan: JCrew
tank: A Pea in the Pod
jeans: Jessica Simpson maternity

top: Old Navy
maxi dress: Gap Maternity

cardigan: JCrew
tank: Liz Lange Maternity
maxi skirt: JCrew

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J and A said...

GREAT outfits!! I think you guys have much better selection in the states than we can get here. I agree with maxis they are like PJs - so comfy and they can be regular skirts we can wear after the babe too!!