31 weeks

horrible photo... our electricity went out right before taking this picture

How far along: 31 weeks
Baby size: a pineapple

2.5 to 3.8 pounds and 15.2 to 16.7 inches

Gender: BOY! Seth Randall

Weight Gain: Because of the whole scale thing I think I am about at 25 to 26 pounds... this is just an estimate and also means my start weight was off. I know I am thinking too much of it but I am trying to enjoy the moment and the one time I can be picky about eating what I want.

Maternity clothes: Same as I have been, most maternity and maxi dresses
Sleep: It has been horrible this week, I am exhausted but I am anxious and have weird dreams that keep me awake or at least not in a deep sleep.

Movement: He is a very active baby! He has very sporadic movements but he is strong and kicks hard. I can also feel him slowly rolling or adjusting.
Food cravings: nothing in particular

Food aversions: I don't want any big heavy meals, light is the way to go these days

What I miss: sleeping, being cool, and my normal size feet
Looking forward to: Our second shower in a couple weekends. My best friend is also pregnant and we are having a joint shower together thrown by some really good friends of ours, I can't wait!!
Best Moment: Our babymoon, it was hot but it was fun spending time together... shower and babymoon posts coming soon.
Pregnancy Symptoms: hot, tired, and uncomfortable... still

Stretch Marks/Belly Button: no stretch marks on my belly and the belly button is still in!

30 weeks

How far along: 30 weeks
Baby size: a cucumber

2.5 to 3.8 pounds and 15.2 to 16.7 inches

Gender: BOY! Seth Randall

Weight Gain: So that is a weird story... my scale broke, got a new one, and then learned that my old scale has apparently been telling me wrong numbers... so now I have no idea what my start weight was and cannot tell ya how much weight I have gained. Bad news is the new scale is telling me I weighed more than I thought so now my goal weight after baby is a lot farther away than I thought :( Not happy about it but it will all work out and I will get to that goal weight!

Maternity clothes: Same as I have been. Trying to wear the same things over and over again is hard to do when you need to wash them and iron them and never seem to have time to do either haha! I have been wearing a lot of Paul's shirts still which is comfy!
Sleep: still not good, I can't seem to get comfortable and I get up at least 1 to 2 times during the night for a potty break.

Movement: He moves all the time! Pretty sure he is situated on the right side of my belly with his legs in my ribs and his head down. Its funny because he moves and you can see my belly move... I always wonder what people around me think and if they catch that happening haha!
Food cravings: nothing in particular

Food aversions: again, nothing in particular

What I miss: a good night's rest and being able to bend over and move around with ease
Looking forward to: Our babymoon weekend in San Antonio! We are really looking forward to a weekend away, just us!

Best Moment: We had our first shower over the weekend and it was so much fun! Can't wait to share a post with y'all.

Pregnancy Symptoms: hot, tired, and uncomfortable... still

Stretch Marks/Belly Button: no stretch marks on my belly and the belly button is still in! Paul is on belly button watch every day!!

summer crafting

Summer time is usually my time to craft and relax... of course this summer is a busy one with preparing for baby and all but I made some time to do a little crafting. 

One craft that I found really easy and quick was using old frames, leftover fabric, and some spray paint to make trays (or pieces of of art... whichever you would like). I made these two first and have no use for them because they don't go with my color scheme, I just wanted to make them because I had leftover frames and fabric, soooooo they are pretty much up for grabs.

Then I made this one and used it to revamp our coffee table. We have navy and yellow pillows on our couch so this spray paint and fabric went perfectly!

I also sprayed a table lamp, which I talked about in a nursery update.

Then I also made hostess gifts for my shower we had this past Saturday. I think this was the most time consuming just because I had to soak the bottles and scrap the labels off. Then all I had to do was spray paint the bottles, add some cute ribbon, write on them, and pop in some flowers!

So that is the start of some crafting, I am also planning on making a date night jar sometime soon, might be something I work on while the baby is sleeping!

decorating the nursery: bedding and decorations so far

Starting getting bedding and decorations ready. Still not complete and the layout might not stay. I want to wait until I get the glider to make sure the room is situated the way I want it before hanging things. 
Order decorations (ordered some)
Here are some of the prints and miscellaneous decorations

Get bedding (ordered some)
Got a few crib sheets and our bumper!!
Re-finish the table lamps and side table
I re-finished the table lamp I am going to use, but I decided not to re-finish the side table. Here is what I ended up with for the lamp... just need a shade
Of course I still need to put it in the room, but this is what it looked like after the first coat
Begin to organize baby Seth's clothes
I began working on sorting out things in Seth's dresser and closet but of course I still have lots of organizing to do!

Order glider (found one!)
Organize the room, closet, and dresser
Start decorating room

29 weeks

How far along: 29 weeks
Baby size: an acorn squash

2.5 to 3.8 pounds and 15.2 to 16.7 inches

Gender: BOY! Seth Randall

Weight Gain: well remember my scale broke last week so I got a new scale, I hate that I am tracking weight and it isn't with the same scale. I will update this soon.

Maternity clothes: Mostly dresses and maxis, they are the most comfortable. Still maternity and non-maternity tanks and such.
Sleep: still not good, I can't seem to get comfortable and I get up at least 1 to 2 times during the night for a potty break.

Movement: Still moving a lot, he is definitely getting bigger, seeing him move around is fun. Thanks for the responses on the strange movement breaks.
Food cravings: anything cool and light and lots of sweet tea (which I can't drink much of because of the caffeine)

Food aversions: grilled chicken on its own... love it in sandwiches though

What I miss: a good night's rest
Looking forward to: our first shower this weekend!!! And our babymoon in a couple weeks!

Best Moment: our appointment... my glucose test went well! And we got to see our baby boy and got some great 4-D pictures.

Also we bought some more things for the nursery, hopefully I will be doing a nursery update soon!

I started receiving my books for a book swap I am participating in. I sent one book and I am supposed to receive 36 back!
Pregnancy Symptoms: hot, tired, and uncomfortable, oh and shortness of breath is back!

Stretch Marks/Belly Button: no stretch marks on my belly and the belly button is still in!

28 weeks

How far along: 28 weeks
yay! I am on time this week!

Baby size: a eggplant

1.5 to 2.2 pounds and 13.6 to 14.8 inches

Gender: BOY! Seth Randall

Weight Gain: not sure, my scale broke :( 

Maternity clothes: Both maternity and non-maternity. I am wearing a lot of workout pants and Paul's tshirts. Since I am off work, I really don't need to dress up a ton!

Sleep: ugh, not so good this week, I am getting more and more uncomfortable

Movement: LOTS! But it is weird some days he will be crazy active and moving all day and then others he will be a little less active but still moving. Did any of you experience this?

Food cravings: nothing in particular, usually just some Chick Fil A!

Food aversions: grilled chicken

What I miss: a good night's rest

Looking forward to: our appointment this afternoon! And my first shower is in a week and a half!!

Best Moment: getting things for the nursery
Made a trip to Hobby Lobby and Michael's to pick up some frames for the prints we received (alphabet, nautical, and book excerpt). I picked a few more things while there. Of course they aren't hung or decorated yet but it feels good to have the frames and some accessories.

Got my swaddles I won through a giveaway!

Pregnancy Symptoms: just uncomfortable

Stretch Marks/Belly Button: no stretch marks on my belly and the belly button is still in!

It is crazy how fast the belly grows, this was just about 3 weeks apart!

summer update

We have made a lot of progress with our to-do list for our home this summer. I added a few things to this list but here is the original post to see where we started.

hang crosses on the dining room wall
clean off the grease on garage door from being worked on
trim the hedges
round up the driveway
fill holes where old flag pole thing used to be
organize the garage
Forgot to get a before picture but this is once all the stuff was out of the garage.


All this stuff on this side in the middle (not the stuff near the walls) is stuff we are getting ready or selling. Our goal is to fit both cars in the garage.

fix the lawnmower
finish the dog kennel
re-arrange the dresser and the book shelf into different rooms
start cleaning things out to sell
sell things on Ebay: not doing this EVER again
organize all closets: always a work in progress but completed for now
hang mirror in dining room
before: my dad and Paul started by getting the measurements


touch up paint around the house
patch holes in the bathroom
trim tree


27 weeks

How far along: 27 weeks
Took the picture a few days late and then took forever to finally get to my computer to upload and edit... sorry :(

Baby size: a rutabaga... I don't even know what this is haha!1.5 to 2.2 pounds and 13.6 to 14.8 inches

Gender: BOY! Seth Randall

Weight Gain: 16 pounds, dropped a few out of no where

Maternity clothes: Both maternity and non-maternity. I have started to wear Paul's t-shirts around the house because they are must more comfortable than my shrinking shirts.
Check out my recent fashion post!

Sleep: Getting better, still waking up a lot for potty breaks and sometimes I get a little uncomfortable but I think I have found what positions are my go-to so it is easier to get settled.

Movement: Lots! He is very active in the morning and wakes me up a lot... I love that feeling. And he is active again in the evening and when I go to bed.

Food cravings: Chick Fil A!

Food aversions: nothing specific, sometimes it is just hard to figure out what I want

What I miss: cool weather, this Texas heat is really getting to me. I can't believe I still have a few more months of this really horrible heat.

Looking forward to: our appointment next week, our weekend trip for our babymoon, and starting pre-natal classes!!

Best Moment: Nesting, I have had a great time nesting this past week. I feel so accomplished these last few days but I keep realizing that my summer is going way too fast and it scares me. I want to have most things done for Seth's room and arrival before I even go back to school in mid-August.

Pregnancy Symptoms: hmmm not really any I can think of except maybe a little swelling. It definitely got better for a few weekends but with the heat and lots of things around the house to do, it is picking up again.

Stretch Marks/Belly Button: none on my belly! Paul thinks my belly button will pop, I disagree... he loves to look at it and see how shallow it is getting haha

my maternity style

*I would like to preface this post with this: I am not a fashion blogger and I never will be... I wanted to show some pregnant or mommas to be where you can get some really cute things to show off your bump. Not being a fashion blogger, I took these with my cell phone and most of them do not include my face :)

First off...

Since my bump has finally grown to the size it is, it is much easier and fun to dress myself. I didn't think I would buy a lot of maternity clothes but I have ended up with much more than I thought... which is a good thing. I am ended up relying on maxis and maxi skirts because they fit my legs and butt the best. But the good thing about is that I can buy or use maxis that aren't maternity so I can still wear them later.

Most of these photos are from my trip to Arizona so they were taken in my hotel room.

tank: Old Navy Maternity
skirt: Gap Maternity

Changed into this top later in the evening:
top: Motherhood Maternity

top: Old Navy
shorts: Motherhood Maternity

maxi: Ann Taylor Loft

maxi: Jessica Simpson maternity

top: Old Navy Maternity
tank and pants: Motherhood Maternity

Not Arizona:
top and maxi skirt: Motherhood Maternity

top: Motherhood Maternity
maxi skirt: Gap Maternity

cardigan: JCrew
tank: A Pea in the Pod
jeans: Jessica Simpson maternity

top: Old Navy
maxi dress: Gap Maternity

cardigan: JCrew
tank: Liz Lange Maternity
maxi skirt: JCrew