Senior session: Ashley

Earlier this school year, I completed another session. During this session the weather was being very difficult so we decided to split the session into two. One in March and one in May. I know this student has already graduated but I wanted to post her session anyways. I had a great time working with Ashley (she was my yearbook editor as well this year) and her mom had a great time coming up with places to take pictures!

Can't wait to get some more sessions in before I have to take a little break for maternity and the school year. I learned so much during this past year of my business getting up and going and while I am teaching I know I can't do sessions during the months of November through May/April because of the craziness of being a yearbook/newspaper teacher. Since my maternity leave falls in the months of October and November this year, I am taking a break from the business from September 2013 through March 2014. I might pick up a few sessions for families sometime in the November December months for Christmas cards but that all depends on this mommy thing. But after March of next year, I am going to jump on this full speed!!!

Thanks to all the families and seniors who have made my business possible this past year!

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Emily Powell said...

These are great Meg!

Megan Reinbold said...

Great job! It's nice to see a Senior that looks like a high school student. (Some I've seen, they're so "done up," they look much older). She's adorable!