girls trip to Arizona

On the last day of school, I traveled with my mom, my best friend, and her mom to Scottsdale, Arizona. Throughout the past few years we have always taken trips with just the four of us and they have been so much fun. Now that Jenny and I are both pregnant, our moms decided to treat us to one last trip before the babies come. 

Some might think Arizona at the beginning of June is unthinkable but once we landed, after adjusting to the dryness, we really enjoyed the weather. I was nice and sunny and being from Texas it was great not having humidity. I loved my hair while I was there haha! 

We were there from Friday night until Tuesday morning and it was a great break from all the responsibilities at home. We had a great time relaxing and exploring. 

Saturday was our first full day and we laid by the pool and did a little shopping around the nearby area. 

Sunday we took the rent car and headed towards Sedona. On the way we stopped by some scenic stop and saw Montezuma's Castle (not the same one from Mexico... I don't think so at least). Then we did a little shopping in Sedona and headed back. That was probably the only day we experienced a little humidity.

showing off the belly bumps!

Montezuma's Castle

all the girls

out to dinner after a busy day

Our last day we had a relaxing spa time and then spent more time by the pool, ending the day with more shopping around the nearby outdoor malls. 

We headed back Tuesday and as soon as I stepped off the plane it was hard to breath due to the crazy humidity in Houston... oh Texas weather! Overall it was a great trip and I had so much fun.

Thanks mom for such a wonderful trip!! Love you!

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Emily Powell said...

so fun!

Ashley R said...

Aw, this likes such a relaxing girls weekend! Love it.