decorating the nursery: a small update

Have a few updates for you today... still making progress but there is still so much left to do.

Clean out the closet (still a work in progress)
I have begun nesting! Yes, nesting is a thing and it is in full force. I have so many things I need to do around the house and with the real estate business but all I want to do is spend time in the nursery organizing. I let myself fall to temptation one day!

Forgot to take a picture of how it looked before, but I began cleaning out things and organizing. Because things weren't moved in at the time I wanted to keep everything in the closet for a clean slate.

left over decorations I had stored in the closet... need to find a box to put them in!

still need to get some of Paul's clothes out of here but we are making progress!

still a ways to go

Order decorations (ordered some)
Get bedding (ordered some)
Re-finish the table lamps and side table
Begin putting the furniture in the room
Crib and dresser have arrived! So we have begun putting furniture in the room but we still have to find a book shelf and a glider. I have no idea where those two pieces are going to go :( Any tips on how to arrange the nursery??
crib and dresser (1st layout)

second layout

Begin to organize baby Seth's clothes
Order glider
Organize the room, closet, and dresser
Start decorating room

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Emily Powell said...

looks so good!

Katie said...

how exciting!!! i had lots of motivation to do things in the nursery! i wish i had the same to do things around the house!