decorating the nursery: a small update

Have a few updates for you today... still making progress but there is still so much left to do.

Clean out the closet (still a work in progress)
I have begun nesting! Yes, nesting is a thing and it is in full force. I have so many things I need to do around the house and with the real estate business but all I want to do is spend time in the nursery organizing. I let myself fall to temptation one day!

Forgot to take a picture of how it looked before, but I began cleaning out things and organizing. Because things weren't moved in at the time I wanted to keep everything in the closet for a clean slate.

left over decorations I had stored in the closet... need to find a box to put them in!

still need to get some of Paul's clothes out of here but we are making progress!

still a ways to go

Order decorations (ordered some)
Get bedding (ordered some)
Re-finish the table lamps and side table
Begin putting the furniture in the room
Crib and dresser have arrived! So we have begun putting furniture in the room but we still have to find a book shelf and a glider. I have no idea where those two pieces are going to go :( Any tips on how to arrange the nursery??
crib and dresser (1st layout)

second layout

Begin to organize baby Seth's clothes
Order glider
Organize the room, closet, and dresser
Start decorating room

Babymoon bucket list: Painting with a Twist

We accomplished something on our Babymoon list!
Go here for the original post.

Here is our list:
Painting with a Twist
Sea World/Weekend in San Antonio - booked
Houston Zoo
Date night in Kemah
Science museum
Astros game
Sam Houston State Park
Paddle boarding in The Woodlands
Cooking class

On a random Thursday night before I headed out of town, Paul and I visited a local place called Painting with a Twist. I am sure you have heard of places like this where you can go and enjoy a fun few hours painting (with help from an instructor) and some wine. Of course I did not take part in the wine but it was still so fun!
Thursday nights are what they call Thirsty Thursday and they normally have a wine related painting. It was so much fun to spend some time with my husband and to see the outcomes of our paintings.
Now be prepared for a picture overload!!

my blank canvas

the inspiration

how we started, mine on the left, Paul's on the right

the final products!

26 weeks

How far along: 26 weeks

Baby size: a head of lettuce

1.5 to 2.2 pounds and 13.6 to 14.8 inches

Gender: BOY! Seth Randall

Weight Gain: 17 to 18 pounds

Maternity clothes: same as I have been, both maternity and non-maternity. I know I have been saying this but I promise a fashion post is coming soon.

Sleep: doing okay. I was out of town this weekend and one night I slept in a bed with a memory foam mattress... lets just say I see one coming my way soon!

Movement: Lots! The other night I saw a "wave" across my lower stomach... I was such a great thing to see. Also, the other morning he woke me up with three or four kicks/punches in the lower ribs. Love feeling him move but he is one strong baby!

Food cravings: nothing really

Food aversions: again, nothing really

What I miss: nothing right now... maybe just being comfortable. I forget I have a belly sometimes and I am already clumsy so it tends to "run" into things :)

Looking forward to: doing more nursery stuff and things around the house to prepare for Seth's arrival.

Best Moment: hanging out with friends this weekend! And of course getting the crib, dresser, and mattress!!!! Update coming soon!

Pregnancy Symptoms: just being uncomfortable

Stretch Marks: a few on my hips

Got this cute shopping cart cover from winning a giveaway on Wifessionals from Michael Mooo Designs.

girls trip to Arizona

On the last day of school, I traveled with my mom, my best friend, and her mom to Scottsdale, Arizona. Throughout the past few years we have always taken trips with just the four of us and they have been so much fun. Now that Jenny and I are both pregnant, our moms decided to treat us to one last trip before the babies come. 

Some might think Arizona at the beginning of June is unthinkable but once we landed, after adjusting to the dryness, we really enjoyed the weather. I was nice and sunny and being from Texas it was great not having humidity. I loved my hair while I was there haha! 

We were there from Friday night until Tuesday morning and it was a great break from all the responsibilities at home. We had a great time relaxing and exploring. 

Saturday was our first full day and we laid by the pool and did a little shopping around the nearby area. 

Sunday we took the rent car and headed towards Sedona. On the way we stopped by some scenic stop and saw Montezuma's Castle (not the same one from Mexico... I don't think so at least). Then we did a little shopping in Sedona and headed back. That was probably the only day we experienced a little humidity.

showing off the belly bumps!

Montezuma's Castle

all the girls

out to dinner after a busy day

Our last day we had a relaxing spa time and then spent more time by the pool, ending the day with more shopping around the nearby outdoor malls. 

We headed back Tuesday and as soon as I stepped off the plane it was hard to breath due to the crazy humidity in Houston... oh Texas weather! Overall it was a great trip and I had so much fun.

Thanks mom for such a wonderful trip!! Love you!

Senior session: Ashley

Earlier this school year, I completed another session. During this session the weather was being very difficult so we decided to split the session into two. One in March and one in May. I know this student has already graduated but I wanted to post her session anyways. I had a great time working with Ashley (she was my yearbook editor as well this year) and her mom had a great time coming up with places to take pictures!

Can't wait to get some more sessions in before I have to take a little break for maternity and the school year. I learned so much during this past year of my business getting up and going and while I am teaching I know I can't do sessions during the months of November through May/April because of the craziness of being a yearbook/newspaper teacher. Since my maternity leave falls in the months of October and November this year, I am taking a break from the business from September 2013 through March 2014. I might pick up a few sessions for families sometime in the November December months for Christmas cards but that all depends on this mommy thing. But after March of next year, I am going to jump on this full speed!!!

Thanks to all the families and seniors who have made my business possible this past year!

25 weeks

How far along: 25 weeks

Baby size: a cauliflower

1.5 to 2.2 pounds and 13.6 to 14.8 inches

Gender: BOY! Seth Randall

Weight Gain: up 19 pounds

Maternity clothes: same as I have been, both maternity and non-maternity
Fashion post coming your way soon!!

Sleep: doing pretty well, my sleep pattern is different now that school is out for the summer so I am going to bed later and getting up just a bit later. I think it is helping me get comfortable. I just feel bad because I toss and turn, get up for bathroom breaks, take sheets off, etc. and I hate that I might be disturbing Paul's sleep. 

Movement: lots of movement some days then he gets quiet for a bit. But we are seeing him move a lot more and it is fun to watch my bump shake.

Food cravings: nothing really

Food aversions: again, nothing really

What I miss: normal sleep and being cool... its too humid in Texas.

Looking forward to: seeing my girls this weekend! Also, making progress on the nursery.

Best Moment: hanging with the family for father's day and enjoying this time off from work

Pregnancy Symptoms: swollen ankles, joint pain

Stretch Marks: a few on my hips

I am so glad I have been taking this weekly pictures... Look at that bump grow!
(10 weeks, 15 weeks, 20 weeks, and 25 weeks)

decorating the nursery: paint on the walls!!

Already some more progress on the nursery!! Over the weekend while I was out of town, my amazing husband, along with my father and mother-in-law, painted the nursery. We picked Manhattan Mist from Behr and we are extremely happy with our choice. Obviously the pictures don't do the color justice but I wanted to share with you!

Paul started with taping off everything then painting around the window and around the outlets

He sent me this picture when he completed the work... I was so excited because the color ended up being exactly the way we wanted!
All done!
A close up of the color

Clean out the closet
Order decorations
Get bedding
Re-finish the table lamps and side table
Begin putting the furniture in the room
Begin to organize baby Seth's clothes
Order glider
Organize the room, closet, and dresser
Start decorating room

baby essentials: registry part 3 - nursery and fun stuff!

Welcome to Part 3 of our registry! The first and second parts are here and here. This part will cover all the fun stuff and all the things in the nursery. (Sorry it has taken me so long to get this part posted, we still were deciding a few things.)

It was planned here so I will be showing a few things she mentioned on the board and then some other things we registered for.
  Crib and dresser. We found both of these at Kids' 1st Furniture, it is a Houston area store. Hopefully I can find a picture of these soon but as of right now I haven't found them online. They are going to be an espresso color and the dresser is going to be used as our changing table.

Decorations Beth picked out for our design:
fitted crib sheet in charcoal and cloud
fitted crib sheet in gray chevron
mint chevron changing pad cover

mint wave changing pad cover
breathable mesh bumper -any fabric in shop

Wooden letter "S"
nautical prints -we are going to get 4

plush whale this is sold but there are other colors and maybe I could special order it
wooden paddle
vintage whale painting
There are a few things that have sold so they aren't available anymore... I will try to find them at flea markets and stuff!

Lamp. This is a lamp the designer put on the board for us and I love it, it will be great on our dresser/changing area.
Cloud B Sleep Sheep. A lot of people recommended this and I just knew I had to have one. We also registered for a travel giraffe.

Of course when you get multiple showers you will probably get lots of clothes but we did register for basics like onesies, bibs, socks, etc. Can't wait to get clothes though!!! I love little baby clothes!!!

I found some great things at all the different places we registered like this lion, lamb mat, jungle pals carrier toy bar, twisty fish, take along discovery cards, Baby Einstein Octoplush, and Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra.