Today Paul graduates!!! This is a really exciting, long-awaited day in our household! I can't believe it is finally here.

It feels like ever since Paul and I have been together he has been in school, taking afternoon/night/weekend classes. This can definitely be hard for a new and growing relationship but I showed me just how determined and hard-working my husband is. 

Paul started classes right after he graduated high school but also started a full-time job. After a few years, the stress was too much and he began concentrating solely on his job. When we first met he talked about finished up school and getting a job in an office instead of his air-conditioning work. Through our families' and friend's support, he went back to classes and then eventually transferred to University of Houston. Now, just a few years later (after losing a lot of credits from the transfer) he is graduating!

when Paul received his acceptance letter into U of H

We are going to be celebrating all weekend, really enjoying this time together!

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so excited for you paul! congrats!