pregnancy classes

Paul and I have registered for classes! I can't wait to start taking these. I feel like these will help my anxiety and nervousness about becoming a new mom.

We are signed up for a breastfeeding class that is a one night class. Did anyone else sign up for one of these? Any tips?

Also, we are signed up for what the hospital calls "prepared childbirth". I am excited about this 4 week class that includes a tour of the maternity area. 

I think we are also going to sign up for the new baby class that prepares the parents for what to do once the baby comes. I know this sounds crazy but since I really haven't been around a lot of babies in my life, I really don't know what I am doing. I think this class will ease my worries. 

Also, Paul wants to sign up for an adult and child CPR certification class. Did anyone take that?

What classes did y'all take or sign up for?

Also, I began reading Becoming Babywise and I already love it, can't wait to read more. I also want to get the Happiest Baby on the Block.

Any other suggestions?

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Emily Powell said...

Don't worry too much! You'll figure it out and everyone will be ok in the end. I liked the breastfeeding class but I will say my instructor was a little "perfect world"-ish which was kind of annoying. I did the hospital class as well and liked it but the tour was the only reason I signed up. Jonathan and I both already had CPR at work or we would have done that class too. You'll be glad you did them and if your mom will be watch Seth you may want to talk to her about the CPR class too. Jonathan's mom had already done it. Oh, and my breastfeeding class had a whole section on how to pump and go back to work. Since you'll be doing that I would ask for tips from a professional. Didn't work for me but since you don't have thyroid disorders you should be good.

Casey said...

Good for you! If it was me I'd probably just be like "eh, the cavemen figured it out, so can I". #notsmart

Get it girl!