nursery design by Design Your Dwelling

Earlier this year I won a giveaway (my first win in a giveaway!) to have a design board drawn up complete with a shopping list by Beth at Design Your Dwelling. When I won this I told them it was for a secret because we had not announced the pregnancy yet. But when Beth emailed me I told her but said we had to wait because we wanted to find out the sex of the baby. Once we found out, I emailed her again and she got started... and now has given me the board! I looooove it!!!

It has the vintage nautical feel but isn't too "nurseryesqe" (yes, I just made that up and I think it is pretty cool!). We wanted it to be perfect for a child but not look like a typical nursery and we didn't want to have the nautical theme overdone. It is perfect for baby Seth!

Now it is time to get started on buying all the things!!

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Katie said...

so cute! love the whales!

Courtney Kassner said...

Love this! We are aiming for a more vintage nursery design too! Yours turned out great!