Memorial Day weekend

For Memorial Day weekend, Paul and I went to hang out with my family at the farm (I don't know why I call it a farm, there are no animals, but that is the easiest way to describe it). 

Ben had a fun time on the ride up there.

And Friday night we ate a really good local Mexican restaurant! On Saturday mom and I laid out while the boys played golf so I got to try out my new maternity swimsuit. Thanks Kaitlyn for the idea!

The rest of the time we just hung out and drove around... oh and the boys went hog hunting. Paul got his first hog!

Sunday we came home and got a few things done around the house. I love marking things off my summer to-do list:
hang crosses on the dining room wall
clean off the grease on garage door from being worked on
trim the hedges
round up the driveway
fill holes where old flag pole thing used to be
organize the garage
fix the lawnmower
finish the dog kennel
re-arrange the dresser and the book shelf into different rooms
start cleaning things out to sell
sell things on Ebay
paint nursery
organize all closets

We continued this Monday morning and then went to my parents home to celebrate my brother's birthday which is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!! It was a great time with family but Paul and I both ended up sunburnt :(

It was a great weekend but not a ton of pictures taken, sorry.

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