Honest Company - my first bundle!

Recently, I read a lot of blog posts about the Honest Company and I figured I would try it out. Also on some of those, they gave discount codes... naturally I took advantage. I ended up paying less than $30 for 5 products!

The one thing I was nervous about was that when you sign up and are just trying it out, you are still signing up like you would be receiving the bundles each month, the membership. I wasn't sure I wanted to stick with it but when I called to cancel the automatic shipment and payment, they told me that when they are about to charge and then ship your next bundle, they will email you and let you know. When you receive this email, you can postpone your next bundle for as long as you want and keep postponing it until you need the products or are ready to pay again. Loved that! Especially since we are trying to save money with the baby coming. But considering the bundle was so cheap, I will possibly be getting it again!

I received the products and was so excited about trying them out. And the packaging was just so cute!After I had been using them a while I decided to give a review. (This was not asked for by the company, just something I wanted to do.)

Dishwasher pods: We began using the dishwasher pods immediately and I will say, I haven't found anything wrong with them. We have a new dishwasher (about a year or a little older) and we don't have the best outcome with glass dishes but I haven't noticed it getting worse with these. I think that has to do with our water softener... not the dishwasher or the pods. I do like the convenience of these though. Might buy again.

Laundry pods: I thought these were so easy to use and convenient. Paul said that he didn't like them because they didn't have a clean smell to them. But I think that is part of the fact that they are safe and clean for the environment. Might buy again.

Multi-surface cleaner: LOVE it! Cleans so well and you can quickly use it on anything. It also doesn't have a strong smell to it which is awesome when you are cleaning a small, cramped bathroom. Will buy again.

Hand soap: I thought this product was really good too, it had a clean smell to it and cleaned my hands well. Overall, satisfied. Will buy again.

Travel baby wipes: Since Seth hasn't arrived yet I haven't used these but I thought they seemed like an good idea for something to include in my diaper bag when we aren't going to be gone too long.

Products I want to try:
Dryer cloths
Rinse aid
Toilet cleaner
Bathroom cleaner
Auto dishwasher gel
Dish soap
Floor cleaner

Who has used Honest Co. products before? What do you suggest? Which are your favorites?

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Emily Powell said...

I love their detergent bc its baby safe! No dyes or perfumes! Ive just gotten used to our clothes smelling like nothing since G gets rashes :(