baby essentials: registry part 1 - the gear (big stuff)

Registering. Such a fun but overwhelming time. I loved registering when we got married but registering for a child was much different. I didn't really know what we needed but I got some recommendations from friends, like Emilyand many bloggers such as Natasha at Hello! Happiness, Leah at Everyday Love, Lisa at Momma's Me Time, Sarah at Fairytales are True, and many more.

I am going to split this up into three parts and hopefully other new mommys in the future can use this to see what we registered for. The first part will be the gear (or the big stuff!), second will be feeding, diapering, etc., and the last segment will be nursery and fun stuff!

Also, just to note, I am a to-do lister, I love to check things off my list. So when Babies 'r Us gave me a must-have/good-to-have checklist... I was soooooo happy! There were so many things that we had no idea we needed and then there were things on that list that weren't exactly necessary but good to register for just in case. So some of the things in my posts you might not have thought of before but they might help.

Part 1: the gear (big stuff)
Updated: Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller. At first Paul and I thought we were going to get The Bob but once we got to the store we really liked that the City Mini was light, easy to turn, and very easy to fold up! Also, the car seat that I really wanted fit it. The only thing that makes it difficult is that you have to get all the different parts like the cup holder and the piece for the car seat to snap into. We could have gone with one of those travel systems but the reviews just swayed me towards this one.
Updated color! Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car seat. I have heard so many good things about this car seat and many many many friends have this so we decided to go with it for our infant seat. The safety ratings on this one are very good!
Chicco NextFit Convertible Car seat. We did not register for this at the store, I looked these up online this weekend. I read reviews of it and really thought this was the best way to go. It also seemed to be an obvious choice to stick with the same brand.

Chicco Ultrasoft Infant Carrier. This one is for me. We first registered for it at Babies 'r Us but for some reason I didn't make it on there so I just found it at Target. I haven't really reviewed this but I think it is a good choice because baby boy can face me or away from me.
BabyBjorn Baby Carrier. This one is for Paul. I heard a lot of good things about this one from some friends so I think we made a good choice.
Motorola Digital 2.8 Video Baby monitor. Again this was a suggestion from a lot of people. Paul wasn't sure we need a video monitor but I know once the baby is here we will want to have that. 
Fisher-Price Snuga Monkey Newborn Rock n' Play. This is something I had never heard of but a lot of my new mom friends suggested this and even used this as a bassinet type thing for the baby to sleep in the first few weeks. I went with the monkey one to keep with the swing and the bouncer design.
Fisher Price Cradle Swing. This was also a suggestion and an item I added later. I didn't think it was really necessary when because we also registered for a rock n' play but a lot of people suggested it for later as the baby grows a bit.
Eddie Bauer Play Yard. This was something I am still unsure of what all this thing does because the displays have all the different parts just piled up (can you tell I am new at this?). I know that this will come in handy though.
Boppy Pillow and covers. I have always heard of these and so many people said these are the best for breastfeeding as well as tummy time and to "prop" the baby. 
Bouncer. This is going to be great with a growing baby and a must-have product. Again, keeping with the monkeys even though it is not the direction we are going for our nursery. But these three things (bouncer, swing, rock n' play) can be passed down to baby #2 eventually.
Fisher Price Backpack Diaper Bag for Paul. Paul wanted to have a backpack for his diaper bag (which will probably be the one we use for the nursery at church and stuff like that). This one has a lot of compartments and a special place for wipes and thermal pocket for bottles.
Infantino Vintage Twist Playmat and Genius Baby Playmat and Gym. Since we were registering at Target and Babies 'r Us, I figured registering for something at least one place would be a good idea. I didn't want anything with crazy bright colors so I chose the Infantino. But I also registered for the Genius Baby one on my Amazon Baby Registry, it was highly suggested from Kaitlyn at Wifessionals. Go read her review, it'll make more sense.

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Lyndsey said...

I have a lot of friends who have the Citi Mini and they LOVE it! Good choice! Also, the pack n play will definitely come in handy, I think it's a must-have! We set ours up in the living room, and it was much easier to change Liam there throughout the day than going all the way to the nursery 10x a day. I also have to infantino playmat and Liam loved it. I'm bringing it back out for baby girl too because it's pretty gender neutral!

Emily Powell said...

I never wanted a video monitor. I always told Jonathan that if it's quiet in there I want to just assume she's asleep! haha! I don't want to look at the monitor and she that she's actually playing instead. I also got the cheapest pack and play because we've literally used it about 5 times. My stroller didn't come with the cup holders either but it wasn't a big deal to me to buy them. You'll love having 2 carriers so you don't have to readjust them. So much easier!

Robin said...

I have the City Mini single and double stroller and LOVE them!!! We used a Snap-N-Go stroller for the infant seat instead of buying the attachment for the City Mini. The attachment seemed to be a pain to take on and off when sometimes you'll keep the baby in the seat and sometimes you'll put him straight in the stroller without the car seat.
Video monitor is a must have!!!! We have cameras in both girls rooms, and it's seriously my favorite baby item.

Robin said...

We have the City Mini single and double stroller and LOVE them!!! I used a Snap-N-Go stroller for the infant seat instead of the attachment for the City Mini. The attachment seemed like a pain to take on and off when sometimes you'll leave the baby in the carseat and sometimes you'll put him straight into the stroller without the carseat.
Video monitor is a must have!!! We have cameras in both girls rooms and the playroom and it's seriously my favorite baby item!! :)