19 weeks

How far along: 19 weeks

Baby size: a mango

8.5 ounces and 6 inches

Gender: BOY!

Weight Gain: up 9 pounds 

Maternity clothes: Still a little here and there. Trying not to buy a lot or have a lot I will have to put away afterwards. I think I am going to stop buying clothes until I am little bit bigger so it fits well. What I have now will be good for a little while longer!

Sleep: sleeping more but just have crazy dreams that make me feel like I am awake but I am not.

Movement: YES! I feel him kick every once and a while but it is random and inconsistent. Paul wants to feel him and he will put his hand on the bump but he still hasn't felt the movement... I think this is going to happen soon, Monday night he gave a really good strong kick and I felt it with my hand!

Food cravings: not in particular this week except maybe a chocolate milk shake... always want those!

What I miss: fitting in normal clothes
What I am looking forward to: our next appointment on the 13th - full anatomy scan!

Best Moment: We registered this weekend and it was a lot of fun. There are still things I need to add and adjust but pretty much it is complete. Oh and we have a bump website!!!

Pregnancy Symptoms: just uncomfortable

Stretch Marks: Nope!

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Lyndsey said...

Oh hey baby bump! Yay for almost being HALFWAY there! Love the maxi skirt!

J and A said...

Cute bump! I am up 9 too! And miss normal clothes. Maternity clothes are so comfy though so I had to splurge on some. I love that you feel him! I can't wait for that!