18 weeks

How far along: 18 weeks

Baby size: a sweet potato

6.7 ounces and 5.6 inches

Gender: BOY!

Weight Gain: up 9 or 10 pounds but I am not sure quite sure, I fluctuate back and forth.

Maternity clothes: A little here and there. I love wearing the maternity pants, they feel so good on the growing belly! I am trying to wear as many regular clothes as possible. I see a lot of dresses in my future.

Sleep: not so good, very restless and uncomfortable

Movement: well I am not sure... every once and a while I feel something but I am not sure what it is or what the baby's movement is supposed to feel like. What did it feel like for any of you?

Food cravings: hamburgers! And this month is supposedly National Hamburger Month!!

What I miss: a good night's sleep
What I am looking forward to: registering this weekend!!

Best Moment: Deciding on a name! Seth Randall, his middle name is my dad's first name.
his first monogram... done by his momma to share the news with my dad!

Pregnancy Symptoms: restless sleep, exhaustion, backaches, and just all around discomfort
Stretch Marks: not yet

Random picture taken last week so really show the "pop" of the baby bump
sorry about the weird face I am making in this picture

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Emily Powell said...

Baby bump!

Lyndsey said...

You look great! I love that dress. Have you found cute maternity dresses anywhere yet? I need to stock up for the summer!

Courtney Kassner said...

You look great! I love that black/white dress.

I just started feeling the baby move this week. I told my husband the only way to describe it was like popcorn popping in my belly. It's the weirdest feeling! It took me forever to convince myself that it was actually the baby moving and not just gas or something! Ha!

Casey said...

eeeee! Lookin' great lady! Congrats on the name, LOVE it!

Wifessionals said...

I haven't felt the baby yet (that I know of) and have been sleeping terrible too ):

J and A said...

I'm like you, I have no idea if I have felt it or not!? I miss sleep too!! Great name!! How exciting!!

Katie said...

I love that name!! Seth is one of my favorite boy names! and love the striped maxi - so cute!!

Rorie said...

Such a sweet name!!

Susannah said...

Such a cute bump!!! :-)