Memorial Day weekend

For Memorial Day weekend, Paul and I went to hang out with my family at the farm (I don't know why I call it a farm, there are no animals, but that is the easiest way to describe it). 

Ben had a fun time on the ride up there.

And Friday night we ate a really good local Mexican restaurant! On Saturday mom and I laid out while the boys played golf so I got to try out my new maternity swimsuit. Thanks Kaitlyn for the idea!

The rest of the time we just hung out and drove around... oh and the boys went hog hunting. Paul got his first hog!

Sunday we came home and got a few things done around the house. I love marking things off my summer to-do list:
hang crosses on the dining room wall
clean off the grease on garage door from being worked on
trim the hedges
round up the driveway
fill holes where old flag pole thing used to be
organize the garage
fix the lawnmower
finish the dog kennel
re-arrange the dresser and the book shelf into different rooms
start cleaning things out to sell
sell things on Ebay
paint nursery
organize all closets

We continued this Monday morning and then went to my parents home to celebrate my brother's birthday which is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!! It was a great time with family but Paul and I both ended up sunburnt :(

It was a great weekend but not a ton of pictures taken, sorry.

22 weeks

I look a little more round this week than I did last. I guess he is finally starting to move up past the belly button.

How far along: 22 weeks

Baby size: a papaya

12.7 to 20.8 ounces and 10.5 to 11.8 inches

Gender: BOY! Seth Randall

Weight Gain: not really sure, I am bad about weighing and I might have had a "growth spurt" as Kaitlyn at Wifesessionals calls it. I think I am up to 15 but like I said I am not positive. Might be updating that later.

Maternity clothes: same as I have been... nothing much new except a lot of tank tops. I have been having to wear Paul's running shorts because mine are too tight... its a good look haha!

I have started to love dressing my bump and finding things that look good. Finally past the point of just looking fat, no I look pregnant!!
taken last week

Sleep: not really good at all. I have been having really bad hip and knee pain in my left leg which makes sleeping difficult.

Movement: Yes! He is moving more and more each day. And the movement is getting stronger. Paul got to feel him for the first time on Friday night and then again Saturday!

Food cravings: nothing... not really wanting anything

Food aversions: nothing in particular except still pizza.

What I miss: sleeping and my normal clothes.

Looking forward to: picking out a paint color for the nursery and starting to paint. I am determined to get this started this week!

Best Moment: Paul being able to feel Seth's movement! He loved that moment and he had the biggest smile on his face.

Pregnancy Symptoms: just uncomfortable and joint pain

Stretch Marks: maybe a few on my hips.

21 weeks

yes, I love this jacket... I will try not to wear it again next week!

How far along: 21 weeks

Baby size: a pomegranate

12.7 ounces and 10.5 inches

Gender: BOY! Seth Randall

Weight Gain: up 13 pounds as of this morning

Maternity clothes: Maxi dresses, skirts, and my jean capris... buying some shorts soon so I can wear those throughout the  summer... it is already hot hot hot in Texas.

Sleep: A little better over the weekend... it was not good earlier this week.

Movement: Yes! He is moving a lot more each day and they are getting stronger. Hopefully Paul will feel him soon, he is jealous.

Food cravings: grilled chicken sandwich from a local hot spot... Vernon's!! Had one Sunday night for dinner and I wanted another one a few hours later although I wasn't even hungry.

Food aversions: Pizza... Paul wants it but I just can't seem to stomach it.

What I miss: My clothes fitting and being able to use my beband

Looking forward to: memorial day weekend, no this is not baby related but I am excited to spend time with my family at the farm and have a day of doing things around the house that have been needing to get done.
Oh and buying things for the nursery!

Best Moment: getting our design board from Beth!

Pregnancy Symptoms: just uncomfortable and back pain

Stretch Marks: not yet!

what we have been up to lately...

Watching lots of TV and putting my swollen achy feet up... Ben gets in on the action too!

Getting in the towels to make a bed. Love the cat hair all over our towels... not!

Hanging out with friends!

Shelbi and Loryn - senior friends

Earlier I featured Shelbi and Loryn with their separate senior sessions. Here is some of their pictures they had together!!

Can't wait to show you Ashley's senior session... hopefully that will be soon too!

nursery design by Design Your Dwelling

Earlier this year I won a giveaway (my first win in a giveaway!) to have a design board drawn up complete with a shopping list by Beth at Design Your Dwelling. When I won this I told them it was for a secret because we had not announced the pregnancy yet. But when Beth emailed me I told her but said we had to wait because we wanted to find out the sex of the baby. Once we found out, I emailed her again and she got started... and now has given me the board! I looooove it!!!

It has the vintage nautical feel but isn't too "nurseryesqe" (yes, I just made that up and I think it is pretty cool!). We wanted it to be perfect for a child but not look like a typical nursery and we didn't want to have the nautical theme overdone. It is perfect for baby Seth!

Now it is time to get started on buying all the things!!

Honest Company - my first bundle!

Recently, I read a lot of blog posts about the Honest Company and I figured I would try it out. Also on some of those, they gave discount codes... naturally I took advantage. I ended up paying less than $30 for 5 products!

The one thing I was nervous about was that when you sign up and are just trying it out, you are still signing up like you would be receiving the bundles each month, the membership. I wasn't sure I wanted to stick with it but when I called to cancel the automatic shipment and payment, they told me that when they are about to charge and then ship your next bundle, they will email you and let you know. When you receive this email, you can postpone your next bundle for as long as you want and keep postponing it until you need the products or are ready to pay again. Loved that! Especially since we are trying to save money with the baby coming. But considering the bundle was so cheap, I will possibly be getting it again!

I received the products and was so excited about trying them out. And the packaging was just so cute!After I had been using them a while I decided to give a review. (This was not asked for by the company, just something I wanted to do.)

Dishwasher pods: We began using the dishwasher pods immediately and I will say, I haven't found anything wrong with them. We have a new dishwasher (about a year or a little older) and we don't have the best outcome with glass dishes but I haven't noticed it getting worse with these. I think that has to do with our water softener... not the dishwasher or the pods. I do like the convenience of these though. Might buy again.

Laundry pods: I thought these were so easy to use and convenient. Paul said that he didn't like them because they didn't have a clean smell to them. But I think that is part of the fact that they are safe and clean for the environment. Might buy again.

Multi-surface cleaner: LOVE it! Cleans so well and you can quickly use it on anything. It also doesn't have a strong smell to it which is awesome when you are cleaning a small, cramped bathroom. Will buy again.

Hand soap: I thought this product was really good too, it had a clean smell to it and cleaned my hands well. Overall, satisfied. Will buy again.

Travel baby wipes: Since Seth hasn't arrived yet I haven't used these but I thought they seemed like an good idea for something to include in my diaper bag when we aren't going to be gone too long.

Products I want to try:
Dryer cloths
Rinse aid
Toilet cleaner
Bathroom cleaner
Auto dishwasher gel
Dish soap
Floor cleaner

Who has used Honest Co. products before? What do you suggest? Which are your favorites?

20 weeks

How far along: 20 weeks - HALFWAY!

Baby size: a banana.
10.6 ounces and 6.5 inches
And we had our appointment and he is measuring in the 53rd percentile. He is growing well and measuring right on time if not a little ahead of schedule (only by a few days).

Gender: BOY!

Weight Gain: up about 11 to 12 pounds depending on the day

Maternity clothes: Still a little here and there. I have been purchasing lots of maxi dresses that will be good for my growing bump as well as when I am not pregnant.

Sleep: It has been okay, still exhausted all the time though. If I don't get in bed by 9, I am extremely tired the next day.

Movement: Yes! He has been moving a lot more each and every day. But Paul still cannot feel him... hopefully in the next few weeks.

Food cravings: nothing in particular. I am working on cutting out all the fried food (because that is all I have wanted these past few weeks and I am too tired to cook throughout the week) I have been eating so I will not have a lot of extra weight gain to lose when the baby is born.

What I miss: my back not hurting, it is horrible... but we are getting massages this week!

What I am looking forward to: my first shower! My students are throwing me a diapers and wipes shower on the 21st

Best Moment: Going to our anatomy scan appointment, Paul graduating, and being halfway through!

Pregnancy Symptoms: just uncomfortable and back pain

Stretch Marks: oh no, maybe a few on my hips but then I didn't see them the next day so maybe not still!

Celebrate good times!!

My husband graduated this weekend!! I am so excited he is officially done and he can now concentrate on other things than just school work.

His graduation was Friday morning and then we celebrated with a party Saturday afternoon. Close family and friends came to celebrate and enjoy some fun time in the sun with the graduate!

my nephew and I matched!

Two of my besties came to the party as well to celebrate the graduation! One of them (in the yellow), is due two and a half weeks before me!

Also this weekend, our church band had a "Concert of Praise". Paul is now a part of the band so he played with them. It was a great time of worship and fellowship!

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! Here is to my awesome momma!

baby essentials: registry part 2 - feeding, diapering, bathing, health, etc.

Back for part 2 of our registry and why we registered for these things. The first part covered the gear. This time I am going to cover feeding, diapering, bathing, health, etc. 

Medela Pump in Style - Pump-n-go tote. This pump was suggested from many people and after reading reviews, I went with this one because it is easiest to use. We also registered for these Medela accessories: quick clean wipes, 8 oz. bottles, 5 oz. bottles, feeding gift set, pump & save storage bags, washable bra pads, disposable nursing pads, lanolin, micro-steam bags, and hydrogel pads.
Playtex bottles. Again this was another suggestion from a friend. She said they worked best with her daughter because she spit-up so much and they didn't allow as much air in during feedings. I registered for multiple bottles sizes and nipples (with different flows... didn't know anything about doing that). We also registered for a bottle warmer/cooler, a travel warmer, a drying rack, and multiple different cleaning supplies.
Bumbo Floor Seat. This was something I had always heard of and had seen at many people's home so I knew I was going to register for one. We also registered for the play tray that attaches.
Graco Duodiner 3-in-1 Highchair. A lot of people said you don't need this at the beginning but I wanted to register for it just in case. I thought it would be really helpful once the baby is eating solids and holding his head up and sitting up. It also grows with the child.
Aden & Anais Burpy Bibs. Did not know these were available at Target but I was so happy when I found them. These got great reviews and I love that they can be used as both burp cloth and bib. We also registered for these: Aden & Anais bib, Tommee Tippee Blose to Nature bibs, Carter's Boys teething bibs, and multiple different burp clothes.

We also registered for lots of different feeding time accessories and pacifiers: Munchkin Soft Tip Infant Spoons, Munchkin Snack Catcher, Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder, Munchkin Click Lock Trainer Cup, Munchkin Click Lock Flip Straw, NUK Design Orthostar, and NUK Trendline Sports Orthopedic.

We are mostly registering for Huggies products but I am having a diapers and wipes shower (thrown by my students!) so I know we will be getting other brands as well. I would love to get some Honest Co. diapers as well, so I might be ordering those. We also registering for things that will make the diapering process easier like A + D Ointment, and Mustela Stelactiv. We also decided not to get any kind of Diaper Genie or things like that. We just thought it would be just as easy to walk to the trash can in the garage than deal with that. If you think it is really necessary, please let me know if I will regret my decision haha!

Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather and Summer Infant Soothing Spa and Shower. When choosing a bather for the baby, I wasn't sure what was necessary. My mom had always said they just washed us in the sink so I didn't know how that was going to happen because none of our sinks would fit a baby comfortably. When at target we registered for the simple one and then registered for a bigger one at Babies 'r Us. What suggestions do you mothers out there have? I just don't know what is needed.

We registered for many bath time accessories like hooded towels, wash clothes, robe set, shampoos, bubble baths, body washes, a no tears rinse cup, bunches of toys, a bath kneeler for our poor knees, and two spout covers (I think I like the whale one the best).

Crane Cool Mist Humidifier or Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360 Degree Humidifier. The first big thing for health was a humidifier. Didn't really research this but it looked nice so I decided to get that. Also, one of the things on the Babies 'r Us had on the must-have list was an air purifier. Is that necessary?

There was also necessary stuff to register for like a nasal aspirator, a 4-in-1 thermometer, Baby Orajel Nightime, Baby Orajel Swabs, Destin Diaper Rash Ointment, Little Tummy's Gas Relief Drops, Johnson's Hand and Face Wipes, Safety 1st Grooming & Healthcare Kit, Safety 1st Medicine Dispensing Kit, Safety 1st Oral Care


Today Paul graduates!!! This is a really exciting, long-awaited day in our household! I can't believe it is finally here.

It feels like ever since Paul and I have been together he has been in school, taking afternoon/night/weekend classes. This can definitely be hard for a new and growing relationship but I showed me just how determined and hard-working my husband is. 

Paul started classes right after he graduated high school but also started a full-time job. After a few years, the stress was too much and he began concentrating solely on his job. When we first met he talked about finished up school and getting a job in an office instead of his air-conditioning work. Through our families' and friend's support, he went back to classes and then eventually transferred to University of Houston. Now, just a few years later (after losing a lot of credits from the transfer) he is graduating!

when Paul received his acceptance letter into U of H

We are going to be celebrating all weekend, really enjoying this time together!

baby essentials: registry part 1 - the gear (big stuff)

Registering. Such a fun but overwhelming time. I loved registering when we got married but registering for a child was much different. I didn't really know what we needed but I got some recommendations from friends, like Emilyand many bloggers such as Natasha at Hello! Happiness, Leah at Everyday Love, Lisa at Momma's Me Time, Sarah at Fairytales are True, and many more.

I am going to split this up into three parts and hopefully other new mommys in the future can use this to see what we registered for. The first part will be the gear (or the big stuff!), second will be feeding, diapering, etc., and the last segment will be nursery and fun stuff!

Also, just to note, I am a to-do lister, I love to check things off my list. So when Babies 'r Us gave me a must-have/good-to-have checklist... I was soooooo happy! There were so many things that we had no idea we needed and then there were things on that list that weren't exactly necessary but good to register for just in case. So some of the things in my posts you might not have thought of before but they might help.

Part 1: the gear (big stuff)
Updated: Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller. At first Paul and I thought we were going to get The Bob but once we got to the store we really liked that the City Mini was light, easy to turn, and very easy to fold up! Also, the car seat that I really wanted fit it. The only thing that makes it difficult is that you have to get all the different parts like the cup holder and the piece for the car seat to snap into. We could have gone with one of those travel systems but the reviews just swayed me towards this one.
Updated color! Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car seat. I have heard so many good things about this car seat and many many many friends have this so we decided to go with it for our infant seat. The safety ratings on this one are very good!
Chicco NextFit Convertible Car seat. We did not register for this at the store, I looked these up online this weekend. I read reviews of it and really thought this was the best way to go. It also seemed to be an obvious choice to stick with the same brand.

Chicco Ultrasoft Infant Carrier. This one is for me. We first registered for it at Babies 'r Us but for some reason I didn't make it on there so I just found it at Target. I haven't really reviewed this but I think it is a good choice because baby boy can face me or away from me.
BabyBjorn Baby Carrier. This one is for Paul. I heard a lot of good things about this one from some friends so I think we made a good choice.
Motorola Digital 2.8 Video Baby monitor. Again this was a suggestion from a lot of people. Paul wasn't sure we need a video monitor but I know once the baby is here we will want to have that. 
Fisher-Price Snuga Monkey Newborn Rock n' Play. This is something I had never heard of but a lot of my new mom friends suggested this and even used this as a bassinet type thing for the baby to sleep in the first few weeks. I went with the monkey one to keep with the swing and the bouncer design.
Fisher Price Cradle Swing. This was also a suggestion and an item I added later. I didn't think it was really necessary when because we also registered for a rock n' play but a lot of people suggested it for later as the baby grows a bit.
Eddie Bauer Play Yard. This was something I am still unsure of what all this thing does because the displays have all the different parts just piled up (can you tell I am new at this?). I know that this will come in handy though.
Boppy Pillow and covers. I have always heard of these and so many people said these are the best for breastfeeding as well as tummy time and to "prop" the baby. 
Bouncer. This is going to be great with a growing baby and a must-have product. Again, keeping with the monkeys even though it is not the direction we are going for our nursery. But these three things (bouncer, swing, rock n' play) can be passed down to baby #2 eventually.
Fisher Price Backpack Diaper Bag for Paul. Paul wanted to have a backpack for his diaper bag (which will probably be the one we use for the nursery at church and stuff like that). This one has a lot of compartments and a special place for wipes and thermal pocket for bottles.
Infantino Vintage Twist Playmat and Genius Baby Playmat and Gym. Since we were registering at Target and Babies 'r Us, I figured registering for something at least one place would be a good idea. I didn't want anything with crazy bright colors so I chose the Infantino. But I also registered for the Genius Baby one on my Amazon Baby Registry, it was highly suggested from Kaitlyn at Wifessionals. Go read her review, it'll make more sense.