nursery inspiration and ideas

Thanks to Pinterest... I have lots of ideas and even made a board!

For boy: 
I think we will go with some sort of theme, most likely nautical. I just love navy, you can pair it with anything. I think for a boy we would do navy and green or red. But I do know we are going to do wood furniture not white so it might look a little different than some you see on Pinterest. Our other choice would be vintage sports with emphasis on the Houston area sports teams! We also like rustic... so many possibilities.

a little too white for our taste
need correct link
need correct link
love the idea of an alphabet wall
this nautical is a little more like it!

For girl:
Like I said I really like navy, but for a color to go with it I would pick coral... I love coral!!! I don't think with a girl we would do a theme, just a color scheme.

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Emily Powell said...

I love these. I like rustic nautical. That would be cute. I love coral too!

Jennifer Jones said...

Love the ideas! When do you find out?