A few weekend ago, Hubby and I traveled to Austin to visit my best friend and her husband. We had a great time! We got in late Friday night and had dinner and then went out for ice cream. Then Saturday the boys went for a run and then we headed to South Congress to explore and have lunch. That afternoon we went paddle boarding. Whew, what a work out! That was tough but so much fun! Later that night we went to see a movie at Alamo Drafthouse. Before we left the next morning we went on a short hike then met some friends (including Poodleism) at Kerbey Lane for breakfast. Sorry for the lack of pictures, I am becoming really bad at that :(

I love those trips to visit friends, they are so relaxing and great to catch up with old friends. I miss my best friends all the time and wish we weren't adults so we could spend every weekend together!

excuse my husband

My best friend's husband's business, look him up if you are in Austin

Also, in great news... two of my very best friends were recently engaged!


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Emily Powell said...

just posted a comment and there was an "error" ??? Ok, love those rings and the pic of you and paul...classic!