weeks 7 through 10

Missed our announcement? Go here. Also, I started recording the pregnancy here.

This post will take you through week 7 to week 10. Then I will start the weekly post of my bump (although it is still not really there).

7 weeks
Still not much has changed visibly but I can feel a lot of changes. During this time of the pregnancy I have been stressed with a lot of things at work and it scares me for the baby's sake. I am being cautious about not letting things get to me but that is hard considering the yearbook is due really soon!! But Spring Break is coming up so that is great news!
- nausea is coming on strong but only in waves
- some slight cramping and tightening
- shortness of breath at CrossFit (yes, it is safe to do CrossFit and our coaches know so they can watch me and make sure nothing goes wrong)
- getting emotional (I think those mood swings will start pretty soon)

8 weeks
This week is again not much different but I have been feeling a lot of stretching and pulling in the lower ab area. The baby is growing!! Also, I can't wait because the last day of this week we get to have our first appointment!
Sometimes I don't even have symptoms and I am so stressed with work that it is still surreal to me that I am pregnant at this point. After the doctor's appointment and after I really start showing, I think it will really sink in. Also, I have been wanting to tell everyone but we are still waiting a while. I can't wait to share the news with the world. It feels to me like I am going to be pregnant forever before we start telling (although now I have told my blog readers!)
- emotional mood swings are picking up
- cramping and pulling
- a little bit of a loss of appetite
- bloating
- face still breaking out (I have never really had a good complexion to begin with so it is just getting worse and you can't use most of the things my doctor prescribed to help when I wasn't prego... hope it gets better soon)

This week I also went to visit my pregnant best friend and we totally took advantage at Babies 'R Us:

9 weeks
We had our first appointment right before this week started so we began telling more people which is fun and kind of scary at the same time. I just want to make sure people don't spread the news before we are ready. After the first appointment and being able to hear the heartbeat, I think it really sunk in for both of us. We are really starting to mentally prepare for this baby.
I was actually a few days further along than we thought. But my doctor decided to keep the due date the same which is 10-1-13. She said the baby is really healthy and growing great.
- bloating
- feeling huge everyday although Paul says I still look the same
- I can feel my lower abs getting harder (not like a six pack people, obviously that is no more... oh wait, never had that!)
- hunger has picked up
- not too many aversions, I actually want salad again
- exhaustion
- shortness of breath

10 weeks
This week we announced our pregnancy to everyone! That was an exciting moment in this process because we didn't have to hold it in any longer. Not much of a belly bump yet except in certain clothes but that could be just bloating. I have noticed my stomach stretching and harding, can't wait to have an actual baby bump.
- exhaustion
- shortness of breath
- nausea, aversions, and cravings have really slowed down but I know the cravings will probably pick back up again

After this post I will begin my weekly posts, I usually take my bump pictures on Tuesdays and I should have the posts up by Wednesday.

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Casey said...

hey hey! I just got back from a huge trip and just learned you're preggers! CONGRATS! CONGRATS!

Enjoy this fun time! i'm so happy for you and Jenny!

Emily Powell said...

so exciting!

Isabel Gomez said...

It is so exciting to watch you go through this amazing Blessing! Motherhood is such an extraordinary adventure from day one! You will be a great mommy! I remember the first moment it really hit me with Matthew was when I first felt him move. Can't wait for next post.