the first few weeks and all the details

Thank you so much for all the sweet words on the recent blog post! We really appreciate it!
If you missed it, we made a big announcement here.

Now I am going to catch everyone up on what has been happening (I have been writing this for a while so I don't forget what is happening behind the scenes). I am getting my guidance from other blogs, especially Emily's.

Pregnancy timeline:
Removed myself from birth control for hormonal issues: November 11, 2012
Conception happened around: January 9, 2013
Positive pregnancy test: January 25, 2013
1st appointment: February 25, 2013
Expected Due Date: October 1, 2013

Taking the test: I was late on my period in January so I was suspicious but then I started cramping a little off and on so I kept thinking that I would start but I didn't. I was about 4 days late and I was exhausted so after a photo shoot with two seniors and being on my feet all day, I came home, took a shower, grabbed a bite to eat and decided to take the test. For some reason I just felt I was pregnant and I was a little anxious/overwhelmed. Paul and I weren't expecting this at all and we were still going to wait a little bit before we really started trying (we weren't trying but we weren't protecting either... yes, we know how babies are made). I took a total of 3 pregnancy tests because I just couldn't believe it and we were just so shocked.

Paul was out of town so I took the test and within seconds I could see the second pink line start to appear! I was in shock, I put it down, sat on my bed, watched the timer (yes, I wanted to wait the full 3 mins), and read my bible study. The timer went off and I went to check... and yes, both lines we pink, very pink. I was in shock!! I really didn't know what to do except get Paul a present. I threw on some clothes (I was already in pjs) and then headed to Target, Hasting's, and Carter's to gather the gifts.

Telling Hubby: Since Paul was out of town and I didn't want to tell him over the phone I was going to have to wait until the next afternoon to surprise him. He came back from out of town while I was at lunch with friends (it was so hard not to tell them) and then I came home to say hi before I had to head to a baby shower (where I still didn't tell them). But before I could walk out the door to head to the shower, Paul said something about me not starting my period and I couldn't handle it... I walked in the other room grabbed his gift and brought it to him. He opened the bag which had two daddy books and three bodysuits (or what I like to call onesies) in it. Then I handed him the card and on the outside of the envelope I attached the pregnancy test. He was in shock and the first response was "Uh oh" haha!

Telling family: As soon as I found out, I wanted to tell everyone but I knew we needed to tell our families first. Trying to figure out when to meet with everyone without being suspicious so we had to wait until Wednesday to tell my parents and the following Saturday to tell his mom and sister's family. Paul loves to come up with fun ways to surprise people so I just followed his lead. It was funny to see how everyone responded because I was totally thinking they would do something else!

On Wednesday we told my parents that we had to go to their part of town and we were going to stop by and see them and hear about my mom's trip (she was in Costa Rica when I found out). We came to their house and talked to them for a while and then Paul said he was going to get some clothes out of the car to give to them. When he walked back in, he handed me the book, "Love you, forever", which is mine and my mom's favorite kids book. While I was handing the book to my mom, Paul turned the clothes around and we had a onesie that said "Grandpa's Sidekick" on it. They were so surprised although my mom said she knew something was up. This will be their first grandchild so they were in shock.

On Saturday we went out to dinner with Paul's family. Recently, we bought his mom a DVD/BluRay player and it needed another cord. So we went to Best Buy and bought his mom the cord she needed. We put a onesie that said "Grandma Magnet" in the bag. At dinner we gave her the bag and told her to check and make sure it was the correct cord. That is when she saw the onesie! She was of course excited! This will be her fourth grandchild and they are hoping we have a girl!

For lunch Sunday, we met my brother and sister-in-law to tell them in person with my parents. We met for lunch and were chatting about things and just before the food came, I sent both them a picture of the pregnancy test through a text message. My sister-in-law could not believe it! She was so excited and started crying and ran over to hug Paul and I. My brother was so excited too but really couldn't believe it. 

Telling friends:
Jenny: The first friend I told was my best friend Jenny. There is not fancy story for this one though. On the day I was 6 weeks along, I got a phone call from her in the morning. I knew something was up because she knows the hours I work and I wouldn't be able to answer. I called her back in the afternoon while I was still at school but on conference and we started chatting and then she says: "I'm pregnant"! Of course I started freaking out and asked how far along (almost 9 weeks) and then I told her I was pregnant! We both kinda started flipping out and I cannot express how excited I am that we get to share this together. We have always wanted to have kids around the same time so this is perfect. She had already had her first appointment at this time and she is due 9/14/13 and I am due 10/1/13! Cannot wait!

We waited a little longer to tell everyone else but we wanted some others to know before the social media world found out. We mainly told them by showing them a picture of the ultrasound or a picture of the pregnancy test, calling them, or surprising them on the golf course (Paul, duh!). Everyone was so excited and I loved being able to tell more people than just the family. It made it seem all the more real.

4/5 weeks

We didn't find out until at least halfway into the middle of the 5th week, but I was actually 4 weeks along (yes, confusing I know, look here at #2). And because of that I didn't really capture much from 4 weeks and instead more of 5 weeks. This picture was the last day of 4 weeks (or my 5th week). We also decided that we are going to only tell our immediate families and our two best friends, at least until our first appointment.
Our first doctor's appointment was the last day of 8 weeks on Feb. 25th.
Some of the symptoms I am feeling:
- a little nausea
- cramping
- exhausted all the time (which could be due to the next one)
- tossing and turning at night... from excitement?
- sudden hunger
- started breaking out

6 weeks
Not much has changed this week, so nothing new. But things are moving along slowly and it is really starting to sink in that we will be having a baby. We have been having lots of talks about the future and planning for big changes that we will have to make.
Also this week, I have been getting emails from so many pregnancy websites, which is awesome but I hate that I can't read them at school because I didn't want my students to know at this point. But anyways, in one of the emails it said to go to Seven Slings and type in the promotion code to get a FREE baby sling, all you have to pay for is shipping and handling! I went with the Green Vibe sling because it is Paul's favorite color and I think that this could go for either a boy or girl. I know black or white makes more sense but I wanted color. Also, after you check out, the site told you about Udder Covers (yes, a great name) where you could get a FREE nursing cover, all you have to pay is shipping. I again thought this was a great deal and ordered one of those too. I ordered Caleb because it was navy and I love navy for both boys and girls. Yes, I should probably not buy any more things because I don't know what I will want later or what matches yet... I am just so excited!
- nausea has kicked up
- exhaustion
- gas pains... I know, lovely right?
- starting to have food aversions (making myself go on a healthy eating routine, or at least a better one, next week)
- breaking out but getting better

Also, this is the week I found out that my best friend is pregnant!!! See above.

Stay tuned for more!

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Emily Powell said...

you had lunch with us the weekend you found out?!

Rorie said...

Yay!! So exciting!! Congratulations!! Pregnancy is such a fun and nerve wracking thing for sure!!