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Well so my blog has been taken over by mommy stuff... sorry about that. Now back to regular programming.
First off, we went to the rodeo a few weeks ago to see Dierks Bentley with our friends Emily and Barkley and I only took a few pictures, I know, bad blogger!
fried Oreos... yum!

bad, bad lighting but we were there!

After the rodeo, we had an eventful weekend (the start of my spring break weekend). First it started with our CrossFit box's surprise 1st anniversary party!

an awesome sign our friend made and all the athletes signed

Then on Saturday we had a family reunion, a birthday party, and then a wedding.
at the reunion

the happy couple

the groom's sister and I, due within days of each other!

Then Sunday Paul and I went to Cirque du Soleil's Quidam. It was Paul's first time to go and he really liked all the tricks but he didn't understand the story. I told him that it needs imagination and I also read the story line on the website! Again I was a bad blogger and didn't get any pictures of us. Blame it on the hormones, I do not want any pictures of myself these days.

Then my spring break started! I pretty much slept in, well to about 8:30, then worked on some photo sessions I had put on hold because of the yearbook deadlines. I also feel pretty accomplished because I had two accounts I still needed to change my name on, oops, and I finally finished that too. I also had an outing to the mall with my mama!

The end of the week, Paul and I spent time at the farm with my family. Our puppy got to hang out with both of his actual parents this weekend and he is taller than both of them. At almost 8 months is large for a British lab. They are adorable!
Ben's mom

Ben's dad

Ben bringing in the bumper to Paul

the family together, Sam (Ben's dad), Stormy (Ben's mom), and Ben!
Ben sits just like his mom... he is taller than both of them when standing!

And then came home Saturday to get some more editing done and Paul had a project.

But that is pretty much what we have been up to. I am hoping to finally get some rest starting next week because the yearbook should be complete at the end of this week. But during this week at home I have to get some photo sessions done... been a little bit distracted with the baby and yearbook deadlines.

I'll be eating a lot of these... hopefully... to make the stress go away!

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Courtney Kassner said...

Love the dog family!

Emily Powell said...

eat what sounds good and don't worry about it! and drink a lot of water!