goal updates...

So March is almost over and I haven't been updating my goals... ugh! But I will today!

1. Grow my relationship with God.
This has definitely grown. We are attending church and bible study regularly and I am making great strides on my devotional. I love reading through the bible, it really does teach you a lot. I know there are still some avenues I need to work on though like praying and trusting in his plan.

2. Spend more time with my husband. 

I will say we are trying to do this as much as possible and I can see a lot more of this happening in the weeks to come once the yearbook is complete and most of his classes die down.


This has been better for sure. We are still trying to keep up with it but since we found out about the baby, we have really been concentrating on saving and not over-spending.

4. Stick to a clean eating plan.
Well... not like I would have hoped. Aversions and cravings have gotten the best of me. But I am determined to at least eat healthier so I can provide my baby with the best nutrients. So new goal: Stick to a healthy eating plan!

5. De-clutter and organize our home. 
We switched the guest room with the "junk" room. The stuff in the junk room was de-clutter and now we have a clean nursery room to start fresh. Still a lot to do before the kiddo arrives but soon I will be making a lot of progress on this. Hopefully some pictures of the guest room soon!!

6. Decide on monthly home goals together.
We have done really well at this. We sat down one day and decided on a whole bunch of monthly goals:
March - organize crafts (the ones I want to do) and closets
April - finish outside dog kennel area
May - start nursery
June - guest room update
July - office update and more nursery

7. Grow my businesses.
This has been at a standstill. I am going to jump back on this as soon as the yearbook is completed and off my mind.

8. Dedicate a little more time to things I love and that are for me.

This also has been on the backburner. And again, once the yearbook is done... craft time, organize, blog, etc.

My word for the year was: 

My word for the year is now (because of these changes):

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Emily Powell said...

I need some new goals!

Mitha Komala said...

i love your fresh and new goals! inspiring! <3

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