13 weeks

How far along:  13 weeks and one day

Baby size: a peach... like this little peach I know!

.81 ounces and 2.9 inches

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Again this is a tough one... I think I am up a pound or two. Until I really start to gain weight steadily I will not ever know for sure.
Also, I am debating taking this off my weekly posts, I feel that sometimes pregnant women compare ourselves to others too much and I know I have been doing this. Because of that I want to try and take some of that temptation away.

Gender: We find out April 15th! My best friend found out she was having a girl!!!!!!!!!!

Maternity clothes: I wore the BeBand from Target to school Monday which was interesting. I think it'll fit better once I really have a need for it.
Sleep:  Still very bad. This has to do with the pregnancy as well as the stress I am under at school.
Best moment this week: Hearing Baby C's heartbeat at the doctor... too short though, I could listen to that sound for hours. At first I couldn't hear it but Paul could. I hated that I heard it and then seconds later it went away :(
Movement:  Not yet, but can't wait! When does that start happening and what does it feel like?
Food cravings:   Potatoes and fried chicken... oh wait, that is normal. So maybe still nothing.
What I miss: Comfy sleep. Also, I have noticed my body is pretty much completely different and I am not sure I miss it or not.
What I am looking forward to: Finding out the gender in less than 3 weeks!
Best Moment: Hearing the heartbeat, although it was a really short amount of time, but it made my whole afternoon better!
Pregnancy Symptoms:   Face is still breaking out, headaches are getting worse, and exhaustion. Also, my emotions are still going crazy!
Stretch Marks:  Nope not yet, but I started applying Palmer's lotion this week to help prevent.

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Emily Powell said...

The first time I felt movement was at 15 weeks. When you feel it you'll know! Takes you totally by surprise. It's the best thing ever! LOVE your outfit here!

Casey said...

Looking great mama! So excited to find out if its a little Megan or a little Paul! XO

Wifessionals said...

I love that we are the same week! My bumpdate comes out tomorrow...I have like NO BUMP...even though I've gained 4-5 pounds lol

Megan Denver RunningMommy said...

When I was pregnant with my son, I had an amazing midwife. She let me record his heartbeat with my phone (for as long as I wanted) and then I got to share it with my family as well as listen to it as many times as I wanted!

Katie said...

you look so cute!! love the maxi skirt!!