11 weeks

How far along:  11 weeks and two days

Baby size:  according to the bump (which I will use from now on) a lime
.25 ounces to 1.6 inches

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +2

Gender: We find out in 5 weeks!

Maternity clothes:   Not yet. I cleaned out my closet this week and got rid of a lot of things and decided on a few pieces that I can wear for when my bump gets bigger.

Sleep:  Not so great right now. I always have to get up to use the bathroom and the Boppy pillow has helped but I am still not very comfortable.

Best moment this week:  Getting the babies first Baylor and University of Houston clothes!

Movement:  Not yet, but can't wait!

Food cravings:   Not really many, I usually just don't want anything in particular. I have been trying to do small frequent meals. I have been wanting hamburgers a lot.

What I miss:   Sleep being comfortable and easy.

What I am looking forward to:   Our second appointment on the 25th and starting our research for necessities.

Pregnancy Symptoms:   Some pain in the region from stretching, my face breaking out, a little swelling, and shortness of breath during workouts.

Stretch Marks:  Nope, but I am buying lotion soon to try to prevent that.

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Lyndsey said...

Yay for a little baby lime!! And I hear ya on the sleep....which is why I'm commenting at 1:30 in the morning! Pregnancy insomnia much?! Hope you're feeling okay - your first trimester is almost over!!

Emily Powell said...

Fetal movement is the best ever! Get ready!