some catching up to do

Lately I haven't really blogged much about what has been going on so I am just going to do a photo dump of January so far!

New Year's Eve

Our poor puppy was fixed at the very beginning of January and had to wear this cone... he proceeded to take it off and chew it to pieces. Then I had to buy a new one, yes, buy! Then he chewed that one up too so we decided no more buying the cone he was just going to chew. He really appreciate that!

My mom went to Canton and brought me back some goodies!

Ice skating with friends!

Gotta love bubble necklaces and my favorite color combo!

Paul decided to grow his beard out! With the new year, he shaved it off.

Some fun time with my college roommate and her husband and adorable little girl!

Our nephew's birthday party

But that is pretty much how our January went!

And because he is just too cute...

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Emily Powell said...

Paul looks much better without the beard! ha!

Casey said...

Looks like a great month! Miss you and Paul!