Letters to my former single self... learning about myself

This week's topic:
Over the years, what did you learn you needed in a significant other? What did you learn about yourself?

Dear sweet, innocent, single Megan,
Be patient. The right one for you will come. Over the years you will learn that man for you will remind you of your dad and be a kind, gentle man. You will eventually not want the guy your parents don't approve of and you will realize when they say they have a bad feeling about this one, then listen! That is not a good sign.

You learned so much about what you needed in a man. You need a man to be strong (physically, mentally, and emotionally), fun and funny, hard-working, thoughtful, and a good Christian man who could lead you.

Being single will help you learn about yourself and your dreams. You heard this so many times before but it will become your "thing": You have to first love yourself before anyone can love you. Though that is tough (still is today), loving yourself for who you are lead you to the one you will be with for the long haul. 

You also were able to learn who your true friends were once you were single and learned more about yourself. They supported you and cared for you even in the bad times and sad days.

Those friends will also be there for you when you meet the one and share that joy with you when you walk down the aisle with only one man in sight!

Your future, happily married, self

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Miss Jose Cuervo said...

I have for sure learned a lot about myself being single!! Loved your letter!

I am a new blogger, would love if you stopped by!


Lisette said...

The single years taught me so much! But the years I've been married have put everything I experienced in my single years into perspective. Thanks for linking up!