challenge update

Our Paleo challenge is going well and I have noticed changes, although they may only be small changes. I have lost in both Body Fat and BMI and I have been getting stronger and faster at Crossfit but I haven't seen as much of a change in my weight loss. But again, that is not what I am really wanting to do.

Paul and I have been making much healthier choices when we are out to eat and that part is getting much easier. I actually really enjoy eating healthy foods now and don't mind that I can't swing through the drive through.

I will admit it does take a lot of planning though and some weeks I realized we weren't don't that great of a job planning. We print out our meal plan and put it on the fridge and I also write notes on there on when to take the food out to thaw. We cook mainly on Sunday and Wednesday

Below are some of our meals we have had so far since the last post.

Sorry it looks messy, I forgot to take a picture before I started eating it... It was just so yummy.

Here are more of the meals we have been having:
This was good, but I am just not a big fan of tomatoes.
I wasn't a big fan of this but Paul loved it!

And we ate a lot of our repeater meals, found here, and some faithful recipes.

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