another wacky shower...

So my mom has this group of friends everyone calls The Wacky Pack... yes, that is what these 9 women call themselves. These women have also grown families and every time someone gets married, they host a Wacky Pack shower. See evidence here and here.

The second weekend in February was no different. The Wacky Pack hosted a party at my parent's house and I was in charge of setting of the gift display (with another junior wacky packer... new name?) and taking pictures. I didn't get a lot because there were so many gifts to write down and then display. But it was fun and such a beautifully decorated shower!

These things were delicious!

some well-wishes for the bride and groom


 the bride and her mom and new mother-in-law

The shower was so much fun and we have two more of these to look forward to this year! Can't wait for more Wacky Pack weddings!

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Emily Powell said...

the wacky pack...always makes me think of the kid's meal at sonic. haha! Hopefully we'll be like that when all our kids (future kids?) are grown!