I can now sell your home...

Because I am an official real estate agent! Yes, that is correct... I signed with a real estate company so I can "hang" my license and become an active real estate agent. I had taken my test in August and I was licensed but I was considered inactive until I hung my license at a company with a broker. Real estate agents can't practice unless they work under a broker. 

But enough of the technical stuff...

I am now a real estate agent (officially) so if you are in the North Houston up to Willis area and are looking to buy, sell, or lease, leave a comment and we can get going.

Also, this means more big news...

No, I am not pregnant. I am not sure why but that is always the first assumption when someone blogs that they have big news.

But my news is that I am going to continue teaching (which is my full time job) and doing photography along with real estate but I have decided to concentrate more on real estate. 

The photography business was getting to be really stressful and I realized that as much time as I wanted to put into that I couldn't or I wouldn't be concentrating on the things that matter.
This guy for one:
isn't he handsome? I just love him!

Also, I really enjoy taking pictures but all the stuff behind the scenes was getting to me when I was already stressed out at school (because of yearbook season... come on March 8th!). So I am going to continue taking pictures but only a few sessions each month, And the business will still be up and running but teaching and real estate will be my main jobs and the photography business will be something fun.

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