how this year is going so far

It is the end of the first month of 2013... wow, it is already moving so fast! I wanted to recap how our goals are going so far this year

1. Grow my relationship with God.
I have been doing really well with this one. The awesome bible my husband got me for Christmas really helps. With this I will be able to read the bible in a year and I love that idea! Also, we have been going to a new bible study and we really like it. We have learned a lot and I can already feel my relationship with God growing. Paul and I have also been growing our marriage relationship closer to God and it has made all the difference because we are putting Him first.

2. Spend more time with my husband. 
This I think we can still work on but we are doing better about this. We are planning mini trips to visit friends and dates nights so that helps. But I am going to make a date night jar soon. I have all the materials but I just haven't gotten around to it.... I will.

We have gotten much better about this one and February is going to be a big change for us. We are going to a mainly cash system which will greatly help. I found a great cash system wallet on Etsy.
We are also going to be cutting back on a lot of things because we have big goals of paying off my car this year!

4. Stick to a clean eating plan.
This has actually been going great! I haven't seen a ton of weight changes but I have gotten stronger and faster. This is a hard goal but Paul and I have made a lot of changes around our house (like cleaning out our pantry of things we can't/don't need to eat anymore).

5. De-clutter and organize our home. 
We began working on cleaning out our "junk" room which will now be the guest room. The other room will then be the new "junk" room but just less junky and more organized storage. We finally got all the Christmas decorations put away and are in the process of putting the boxes back in the attic.

6. Decide on monthly home goals together.
This is supposed to be happening as I write this so hopefully soon!

7. Grow my businesses.
I did this! I finally joined a real estate office and now can help you buy, sell, or lease a home!

8. Dedicate a little more time to things I love and that are for me.

This one I really need to work on but I believe I will do that more this month for sure because it is my birthday month!! But I have been thinking about crafts and fun things to do around the house that make me happy. I have been watching all my shows... so sad that Private Practice ended, I may have teared up a bit.

My word for the year is: 
Not sure if this will be the word anymore this year... may need to rethink it!

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love your goals! I'm stopping over from Fabulous but Evil today. I'm the independent consultant for Origami Owl and I saw you were interested in the lockets. If you have any questions please fill free to message me! jmomiller at

Emily Powell said...

Hope you get to pay off the car! I am trying SOOO hard to finish paying off my student loans. It was really hard to get ahead with that while paying for J's masters, putting all our savings down on our house, having a Hopefully I can get it done!