Christmas time is here!


Yes, I am a little late on all the Christmas decoration posts but at least I finally did it!!

Since school didn't get out until the 21st, I felt like my decorations this year were kind of thrown together but I think they turned out well. If you have any suggestions, please let me know... I am still looking for sophisticated ways to decorate for each holiday instead of just a bunch of knick knacks.

Let's start with the little things around the house:
thank you Kara for making this!

my new shelf in the study, more on that as soon as the study is complete!

My Christmas card collection

I found these printables and there is pretty much one for each month!

Front porch

have a few of these different hangers throughout the house, the cat loves to play with them

My favorite area of my Christmas decorations... made my buffet and coat rack into a "mantel". Kara also made this screen to go above the stockings! She painted me, Paul, Cali, and Ben on there!

The dining room table (completed a couple days before Christmas day):

The Christmas tree:

Just a sampling of the ornaments on the tree:

Cali loved the decorations too, under the tree was her new favorite hang out:

The puppy just likes that daddy and mommy are home more

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