a family of three

My college roommate took our family portraits this year. She is starting her own photography business and is off to a great start. She has a natural ability and I was glad she took ours. The weather was not in our favor but we made it work and I think they turned out great.

3 months on Christmas Day

3 months - 12/25/13

Growth: We will not go back to the doctor until the end of January but he is getting to be a big boy and I am sure he is somewhere close to 15 pounds and at least 25 inches long.
Nicknames: booger nugget, little man, buddy
Sleep: Seth began sleeping through the night at the beginning of December and it was great because he started this the first night I went back to work. This also was the first night he slept in his nursery. He is still sleeping in his rock n play but it made it an easier transition to move him to his room when he remained in the rock n play. He is sleeping in his crib for all his naps unless we are on the go. This is sometimes a battle but it is getting much better.

Eating: Still eating every three hours or so and about 6 ounces at each feeding. We switched to a different formula specific to spit up. And I know babies spit up, that is normal but Seth spits up a lot and usually during feedings and way after feedings. We are pretty positive he has reflux. It can get pretty bad but he doesn't seem like he is in pain, sometimes he seems just a little uncomfortable though.

Clothing/Diapers: He is still in 3 month clothing but he can sometimes wear 3-6 month clothing however it is a little big on him. He is still in size 1 diapers and we are still using Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive.

Development: This boy is changing every day! He is a very talkative baby and loves when you talk to him. He started rolling over as well and we got a great video of that.

I know I posted that he giggled in November but he really giggled the other day when Paul was playing with him on his changing pad. He found his hands and they are always in his mouth.

Also, he is getting so much better at tummy time and can raise his head for a long time and usually props himself up on his arms.

Mommy: Doing great, love being home with him while on Christmas break. I am not looking forward to going back to work. I have such a peace about me when I am at home with him and able to get things done around the house. While I was at work I was so stressed out and worn down. Still working on losing weight and haven't made much progress in this area. Now that his schedule is more predictable, working out is a bit easier. I started doing workouts at home though because it too difficult to make a trip to the gym. 

Daddy: Paul loves playing with Seth and Seth loves his daddy! They play and giggle all the time. Paul said he had the best Christmas ever because Seth was here with us! Paul is great when it comes to handling Seth when he is upset, he doesn't ever seemed phased by his crying (and boy does this boy have lungs) but he seems to handle it and just knows what to do.
talking to mom and dad
being read to
his bumpo

flashing lights and movement
his new walker/jump that looks like an old car

his piano playmat

having a poopy diaper
being bored

visiting Santa

1st Christmas!

1st visit to Santa

The day before Thanksgiving we decided to beat the rush and take Seth to see Santa for the first time. He was unimpressed because he just woke up from a nap and was ready to eat. It was fun to see our little boy in Santa's lap although he had no idea what was going on!

It'll be fun to compare each year's pictures!

See ya next year Santa!

Deck the halls...

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year! I love decorating my home for the season.

added a sign

But over the years I have accumulated a lot of stuff and this year, with having a little one at home, I realized I wanted to tone it down a bit. I just want to stop just putting things all over the house in random locations.

I don't want it to seen thrown together but rather like thought and time was put behind it. Instead I would like to really decorate... like with vignettes and things of that nature. 

So I am getting rid of a bunch of decorations and beginning new with a more natural, rustic look! I started this transition last year, a bit, but this year things are really are coming together.

My favorite part of this change is the simplicity of the decorations. It looks put together and well-designed.

When Pottery Barn has their big sale after Christmas, I am hitting that up for sure!

back at work...

On Monday of the first week of December, I went back to work. I had been gone for the entire months of October and November. The first day back wasn't as hard as I had expected. I missed my son so much but we are fortunate enough that my mom is watching him this whole school year while I am working so she sent me lots of pictures. 

love getting these during the day!

The work didn't seem so overwhelming when I first returned but as the week went on it felt like things kept piling on and on and I realized how much my students still really needed to get done.

As the week went on, each day got harder and harder to be away from my little guy. At the end of the week I was so ready to get home each day and see him. But it was so hard because after a long day at the school, I wanted to rest and just hang out with him but there was so much stuff to be done at home still. 

I will say having my mom watch our baby boy has been great because not only does she watch him she cleans the house and does laundry which is really helpful. I feel bad that she does all that but she likes doing it because otherwise she would be bored just being there.

Once I get home each day from school, I have realized things are not urgent except being with him. I try to soak in all my time with him. But it still seems like every weekend is a new experience and I am learning to be a mom all over again.

I am still having a hard time being away from him during the day, especially now that he is so much more active and learning new things everyday. He is becoming his own person and I hate to be missing that. He smiles. He laughs. He sometimes rolls over... usually when my camera is out of reach. Even with all that I feel like he should be learning so much more but I only have two wake times once I return home to play with him and teach him. (I will get into comparisons in another post, because that needs its own post entirely!)

We have survived these past two and a half weeks so we will have to see how it goes after Christmas break is over. Can't wait to spend two weeks at home with him!

love is in the air

One of my closet friends got married the weekend before Thanksgiving and I was glad to be a part of her big day.

The weekend started off with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal went well but I am pretty sure my poor friend hated her coordinator by the end of the night.

The dinner was decorated beautifully and her fiance (now husband) made a very well put together slideshow of the two of them!

Saturday the bridesmaids spent most of the day getting ready together in the bridal suite before going to the church to take pictures. 

The bride was beautiful and so happy. She just glowed!

The night ended with a beautiful reception and awesome band! 

we can never take a normal picture

This was a big weekend for our little family because it was Seth's first wedding (although he was barely there... my mother in law watched him in the hotel room) and it was my first day that I didn't spend with him the entire day. I was away from him most of the day but it went by fast because we were so busy.

I am so happy for Taylor and Michael and wish them the best!

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

My little turkey on Thanksgiving Day!

Our Thanksgiving was simple and laid back this year. On the day of Thanksgiving we spent the day with hubby's family. Then we traveled to my parents property and celebrated our "Thanksgiving" on Friday. 

Spending time with family and relaxing before my first week back to work was really what this girl needed. As the week went on, I got more and more sad about leaving my son while I returned to work. I mean, look how cute he is, why wouldn't I be sad?

reading books by the fire with his Gigi

relaxing in his Christmas pjs

that's a duck call on his shirt... love this little outfit from Gigi