wow, just wow!

Watching these people work out makes me feel like I need to go to my box a little more than 3 to 4 times a week... But for real, I think I might begin training for Crossfit competitions!

Paul and I joined Crossfit in May (more on that here) and we love it. Its a community of support and friendship and I am so glad we started. We would have never met some of the people we would have if it wasn't for this place. 

A few months ago, the coaches asked if I could take pictures at competition they were putting on and I jumped at the opportunity. For my business I am going to begin taking pictures of Fitness/Crossfit and this was a great opportunity for practice and business. 

In the beginning of November, the day of the competition arrived and Paul and I headed down the the road for an all day competition.

Here are just some of the 1,600 pictures I ended up with!

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