the day after

I am sorry for my absence... I know a lot of people give the busy response (including me) but literally I couldn't find the time to write new posts (although I have plenty to share). I had this post ready but was waiting... now I can show it and I am sooo excited!

With this session, I couldn't really call it a trash the dress session because there was no trashing involved. But the day after my brother's wedding, Paul and I went with my brother and our new sister in law and took some pictures in a relaxed fun way.

The lighting was great but at some points it got in my brother's eyes and made for some really comedic outtakes.

I loved doing this session and I am glad I could do this for them! 

Matt and Kelly, I love you both!!! Congrats and Paul and I couldn't be more excited for you two. Welcome to the family Kelly, we are so excited to add another member!!!

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Emily Powell said...

Megan! These are fantastic! I love them all :)