Earlier today I read Blonde... Undercover Blonde's post about an amazing cause. Her daughter was born premature and "March of Dimes is working on a petition to President Obama for the White House to be lit purple in honor of babies who were born prematurely!"

As soon as I read this, I went to the site, made an account, and signed the petition, for one reason.

My brother.

Yes, he is a strong, healthy man now but he was born three months premature. I was not alive to experience this time, but I could only imagine what my parents went through, going through each day not knowing if he was going to make it or not.
My mom kept a daily journal of my brother's time in the hospital, the pain of not being able to hold him, the joy when he made progress, and the tears shed for knowing their child was hurting. I recently was able to read this journal and that made this all the more real to me.
Recently, my brother got married and my dad delivered a great speech about him being their miracle baby and how special he is to them. The excitement and happiness showed in my parent's faces knowing that their child made it to this day. All those memories rushing back could not have been easy for my parents but they are grateful that he made it through those first hard months and became the great man he is today.
side note: my parents love us both equally, there are not favorites in our family and I completely understand my parents calling my brother their miracle baby. We are both very special to our parents.

Seeing my brother become the honest, loyal, and loving brother he is brings a smile to my face. So why would I not sign this petition? Signing this petition supports and honors preemies (spelling?) like my brother and Heather's baby.
Go check it out today!

sad news: I had this thing all typed out and it completely erased... so sorry if this one isn't written as well. 

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