new lens

I have been wanting this new lens recently that is great for portraits. Its a Canon 50mm f/1.8 telephoto lens and it isn't too expensive at Best Buy. So I suggested to Paul to get me the lens for our anniversary... well, as you might have read before, we got something else instead. But because the lens was so cheap we looked at it anyways one night. I decided to research it some more and come back later but before I could come back, guess who surprised me with the lens on a Thursday evening? Yep, that's right, Paul! He wanted me to have it before we went hunting that weekend so I could test it out... and that I did!

These are all unedited, the lens just does a great job! Obviously I am still learning how to work with the lighting but I absolutely love it!

First I tried them out on Ben in the backyard the day I got the lens.

and because Cali loves boxes, jumps them any chance she gets, and then pops out to surprise her mama!

Then I tried it out on the pep rally at the school.

Then one morning while we were duck hunting.

Ben's dad, Sam

The lens is really good at blurring the backgrounds as well as stopping action. I love the way it works and I don't know if I will ever go back to my 35mm lens.

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Shayla said...

Your photos look GREAT!!!! I love the pic from the pep rally with the two people crouched down while two others id handstands- way cool!