pinspired style: weekend version

Joining up again with The Vintage Modern Wife and The Luckiest in Love.

The Vintage Modern Wife

So again, not a fashionista but I love getting ideas from Pinterest in which I can use the clothes that I already have. Of course every once in a while I do buy something I love but today is one of those I just used something already in my closet.


These pictures were taken while out of town for my brother's wedding. This was the day after  the wedding and I didn't feel like putting on make-up so please forgive me! Also, my husband is turning out to be a wonderful blogband... thanks Shay!

Like how it turned out but I want to be a little more creative next time. Maybe add in the brown a little more. Also, not do silly poses haha... but thanks so much husband (anniversary in less than a week!!!)

Have fun at the link up!

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The Vintage Modern Wife said...

i like it! that's definitely one outfit i'd have in my closet too :)

Laura said...

Cute! I think you recreated it perfectly, and I love that your husband is happy to take pictures for you! Thanks for linking up!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Happy "early" Anniversary ;) PS Love this outfit! I love getting inspired on Pinterest with pieces of clothing I already have!!!

Sara said...

Great job recreating a cute outfit! Have a very Happy Anniversary!