I am a little bit of a hoarder

But I have made good use out of it! Since around high school, I have been keeping parts of my bouquets or corsages and have been putting them in a bag in my closet. This bag has moved with me through college at least three times and then back home and then two more times after that. Now that I am settled, I thought maybe I should do something with the dried out petals.

So I went to Michael's and found an adorable galvanized bucket (gotta have it galvanized) to place on the back of our toilet.

Then I placed as much of the petals and flowers as I could in the bucket.

Then I added it to the back of the toilet!

But I still had quite a few flowers left over...

So I found yet another place to add them!!

And I still have some left... maybe some more galvanized buckets in the guest bathroom?!